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LUCKY PET OF THE WEEK!From Mar. 18th till Mar. 25th 2001
Hylan Storm's Golden Legend

Name: Legend

  • Breed: Sheltie
  • Born: October 31st 1997 (Halloween)
  • Gender: Male
  • Visit Legend my name is Legend. Actually it's Hylan Storm's Golden Legend, but mom and dad just call me Legend (or fuzzball, or pumpkin face). I was born on Halloween in 1997. Around that time, mom was wondering what to get dad for Christmas. She knew that he wanted a dog (since he had one while he was growing up), but she didn't really want to buy him one. Well, one day she decided to go ahead and look for a dog! She asked my Grandma Benko to help her since they had a Sheltie (my Uncle Rocky) already. Well, they looked through the papers and they saw an add for pure bred shelties. Grandma called and checked them out and then mom called them. She talked with them for a long time and then she set up a meeting. The first time I met my soon-to-be mom was on December 11, 1997. I was very scared, but I soon started to run around and play. Mom asked all kinds of questions and she found out that out of the three in my litter, I was the alpha puppy. I showed her that by wrestling with my two brothers. Their names were Hoss and Little Joe (mine was originally Adam). She got to have her picture taken with me and then she went home, but not before telling them that she definetly wanted me! She came back for me on Christmas Eve, since I was supposed to be a surprise for dad. She took me to my Grandma and Grandpa Meek's house and she didn't want to go home without me. But, since I was a surprise she had to. Well, the next morning mom and dad went to open their gifts and all dad got were five little dinky presents. Mom knew he was mad, but she also knew that when he saw me he would get over it! She called Grandma and told her it was time to bring me over. When we got to the door, mom took me and told dad to come see what Santa brought him. Well, needless to say dad couldn't believe it! I was a little scared, but dad got on the floor with me and I was fine! My dad loves sports so mom wanted to give me a "sporty" name. So, I was named after dad's favorite basketball player- Larry "Legend" Bird. Since it was Christmas day, I soon got to meet the rest of my family. I wasMy mom usually dresses me up every year, but I haven't been allowed to go trick-or-treating yet. I live in a small town in Ohio with my two humans. Some of my favorite things to do are: bark, play catch with my dad, sleep, bark, chew up paper, chase leaves, have my belly rubbed, and bark! very tired when it was over, but everybody loved me! I was so happy that I was "sent" to live with my wonderful family. Legend as a little puppy