's Pet of the Week was awarded to Lucky now Lucky's in the Hall of Fame! & now is Pet of the Year! MY TRICKS!
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(turn up your volume to hear my Speak!) My tricks! All my tricks I knonw are:
. SIT 2.STAY 3. COME 4. GIVE BOTH PAWS 5. HOLD EACH PAW UP 6. BEG UP 7.SPEAK 8. CIRCLE 9. BOW 10.HIGH FIVE 11. LIE DOWN 12. ROLL OVER 13. CRAWL 14. PLAY DEAD 15. COVER EYES 16. PLAY BASKETBALL 17. SOCCER 18.FOOTBALL 19. BASEBALL 20. FECTH 21. FRISBEE 22. HERD 23. PAINT 24. PLAY THE PIANO 25. HIGH TEN 26. PRETEND TO LIMP 27. LICK MY OWNERS FACE 28. DO MATH PROBLEMS 29. ANSWER QUESTIONS 30. HEAD DOWN 31. HEAD UP 32. OPEN DOORS 33. CLOSE DOORS 34. GET my owners PURSE 35. GO ON STOOL & JUMP THROUGH HOOPS 36. JUMP THROUGH HOOLA HOOPS 37.OPEN MY TOY BIN 38. DRINK WATER ON COMMAND 39. GO ON BED ON COMMAND 40. GRAB IT!(i grab a toy out of my owners paw) 41. HEEL 42. JUMP 43.DOGGIE DANCIN’ 44. JUMP OVER MY OWNERS LEG OR A DOG 45.WAVE 46. MISSING COIN TRICK 47. JUMP ON CHAIR 48. TURN OFF LIGHT SWITCHES 49. "PLAY" WITH DOLLY ON COMMAND 50. WAKE UP CALL (which is, when the alarm clock rings and my owner doesn't hear it,i wake her up! 51. GIVE HORSIE RIDES 52. GO IN CAR ON COMMAND 53. BEG UP AND SPEAK 54. PLAY CATCH! 55. TYPE ON THE COMPUTER(when I talk to Dolly I talk in the "dog way")56. HAND SIGNALS 57. CPR (CPR is an act..I put my paw on a human or a dog chest to see if their heat is beating then push on their stomach then if their not alive I put my head on them and act real sad) 58. GO ON THE A-FRAME 59. GO ON THE "DOG-WALK" IN AGILITY 60. GO ON THE TEETER-TOTTER UP AND DOWN (LIKE IN AGILITY) 61. DO THE WEAVE POLES 62.GO THROUGH A TUNNEL 63. HIT A BALLOON UP AND KEEP IT UP 64. POSE FOR PICTURES AND ETC. 65. GEOGRAPHY (I DO THE CAPITALS!) 66. GET THE PHONE 67. STAND UP OR WALK OR WALK ON HIND LEGS 68. PUSH THE CARRIAGE 69. HIT THE BELL(I put my paw on the School Bell. "School's Out!") 70. PUT MY TOYS UP!

MATH!I know 70 tricks! My owner was asking me "What's 2+1= ?" And, I put my paw on the 3! I don't know what she was asking me for that photo, but, I know I got it right! Woof! I always get the questions right. Math just came natural to me... My owner didn't teach me, she just one day ran out of tricks to teach me, and thought "Hey, why not math?" So, she help up a couple of math cards, asked me a math questions, and I put my paw on the right answer! My owner learned I could solve math problems in the Summer of 1999.

My other Tricks!

Here's me begging up with a dress on! I can beg and and speak at the same time too!
Here's me jumping through a Hoola Hoop! It was really high, but, I still made it! When I was little, I used to jump a lot!
Here's me holding my paw up like it's hurt! I can sit and pretend to be hurt, or, stand up and limp. I can also 'wave'!! My waving, I move my paw up and down, it kind of looks like that picture.
Here's me bowing! It's not a really good one, but I swear to you I was bowing! I was just a little too close up to the camera.
I know many, many other tricks, but, my owner doesn't have a picture of all of them.

But, for doingthe capitals, it's kind of like doing math, but with the city names of the cards instead. For the 'missing coin trick' my owner puts a coin in her hand, and askes me which hand it's in.. Sometimes it's really hard. But, I get it 8 out of 10 times right! In the picture, I had just gone up the step ladder, go to the sitting stool, and then about to jump through the hoola hoop!

New! Here's one of my new tricks I leanred, getting the phone! My owner tells me to "Go get the phone" and, I take the phone off it's holder thing, and bring it to my owner. That's me bringing the phone to my owner!
New! That's me pushing the baby carriage! It's another new trick. Since the new camera doesn't have a flash, the picture turns out a bit fuzzy. Another photo of me pushing the baby carriage! (No, there's no baby in it).
My owner will (hopefully) be getting more pictures posted soon
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