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Hi, and welcome to my Sports page! Here, I will be showing you some of the sports I know.


This is me sinking a basket at 5 1/2 ft. high! My Owner's little sister had forgotten to turn the flash on. But, you can see the ball is going right in!. Here's a great basketball shot! 2 points! This is a picture of me first learning to shoot hoops. I sunk my first basket at 3 ft. high on July 4th 1997. Then, I sank a 4 ft. basket on June 24th 1999. I sank my very highest basket, 5 1/2 ft. high on June 27th 2000!


This is a picture of me playing soccer! I'm pushing it towards my Owner! My first sport I knew was Soccer. And, it's my favorite one to play, too!


That's me catching a frisbee as soon as my owner let it out of her hand! This is me playing football! I love to play with my squeaky Dumbbell!


This is me playing Baseball! I can either hit the ball back to my owner, or catch it... Kinda like being a pitcher and a catcher! I can also herd, do agility, and some more. But, my owner doesn't have a good picture of them yet. Hopfully, we're get some soon
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