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The Berean Christadelphian Basis of Fellowship

Introduction by G. V. Growcott

Our Basis of Fellowship is comprised of three documents, the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith, the Commandments of Christ, and the Doctrines to be Rejected. 

The Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith 

The Commandments of Christ

The Doctrines To Be Rejected


Controversy from the past has required us to make a clear stand on exactly what several of these clauses in these documents meant to the pioneer brethren, and exactly what they mean to us.  This is done in a document called the Berean Restatement.

The Berean Restatement


Beyond these items which detail the faith which is held among us, we also have a constitution which helps to give order to our ecclesias.  There are portions which are common to all ecclesias, and other portions which have been modified to fit a local community of believers better.  The basic format is seen the Common Constitution of Berean Christadelphian Ecclesias.

The Common Constitution of Berean Ecclesias


Not actually a part of our Basis of Fellowship, but a touchstone for maintaining it, is a guide that ecclesias use to organize ourselves in our work in Jesus.  It is called the Ecclesial Guide. 

The Ecclesial Guide

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