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Favorite Web Based Study Links

A listing of the most useful study tools I have found available on the web.

Study Tools at

Easily the best and most exhaustive site I've found. Many versions of the Bible and all the good older translations (albeit not the new stuff), several lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, and histories (including Josephus). It has two good search engines, one for its site, and one for the Bible. Because of its size, it is not easy to use at first, but it grows on you. Well worth the time to learn.

This is a good site for finding a wider variation of Bible translations than on the Crosswalk site fast. It has all the popular modern translations, (NIV, NAS) and more. Upon finding the verse you want, you can click through all the translations very quickly for comparisons. It has a search engine, but it is very limited. It won't search NIV for instance.

A Greek New Testament

If you like word studies, but you're like me and your Greek is so bad that you have to do them with your Greek grammers on your lap, you'll love this site. Simply click on the Greek word, and the word is instantly parsed before your eyes. Warning: If you don't like Greek, you won't like this site. There are no English translations of the Greek, and the site builder is debating whether to do any, afraid he might unduly influence your thinking.

Wrested Scriptures

This assembly of arguments by the late Ron Able is very useful.

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