My Want List
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My Want List

Hi, I have alot of want's on my list, I like to trade more than I do buy, but I still buy.

*McGwire 85 Topps and 87 Brands and Inserts

I need one of this quality or better.

*All griffeys.

*Sammy Sosa Rookies

*Rare inserts, under 100 made.

*Magglio Ordonez/Kevin Milliwood 98 Leaf Rookies and Stars SP Rookies

*Most Jeter cards, I need rookies more than others.

*1994 SP Alex Rodriguez Rookies! And most of his inserts.

*Mike Piazza/Chipper Jones 1992 Bowman

*Unlisted to Big Star Refactors.

*I'm open to anything you think is a good card, let me know.