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Seminars, Lectures & Other Classes by Jack Dalton

There are many subjects in which Jack is capable of speaking about. Following is merely a sample of lectures, seminars and classes Jack can teach. Please contact us if you have specific needs and to inquire if Jack can tailor a lecture, seminar or class to your needs.

Seminar, lecture and class rates are based upon time and venue capacity. Adjustments can be made based on your needs and resources. Base rates are $50US per hour for groups up to 25 (Max per day $250US), $100US per hour for groups up to 100 (Max per day $500US), $250US per hour for groups up to 250 (Max per day $1500US), and $500 per hour for groups of 251 or more (Max per day $2000US). Fees are calculated the rate for # of attendees (projected, not actual) per session X # of hours per session X # of sessions per day.

Return to Raven Returns: A Discussion
A discussion with Jack about the philosophies, themes and use of symbols in his production "Raven Returns: The Story of the Human Beings." Raven Returns stirs the soul because of its ability to transcend its cultural ties. Discuss how it made you feel and what these feelings mean. How can you apply these personal discoveries to your life and your role in culture?
The Evolution of Tradition
The main mechanism for the survival of any species, including humans, is evolution. And based on our abilities, it may be safe to conclude that humans have used this tool to their greatest advantage. It is also obvious, in many aspects, that the modern and indigenous cultures of the world are at a crossroads. They can either evolve or face serious consequences. Jack discusses the the theory of evolving traditions and how we as members of these cultures can be involved. While Jack discusses many topics, he focuses on the art of storytelling, it's role and the ways it can be evolved to address the current situations our cultures face.

The Role of Functional Art in Modern Culture
"Imagine you approach a Yup'ik hunter carving a harpoon head, and you say, 'What a beautiful piece of art!' They would look at you and ask, 'What is art? This is a harpoon head.'" Thus begins a delightful discussion of what functional art is, its role in indigenous cultures and its reintroduction into modern culture.

All About Alaska
Whether you are interested in the natural history of Alaska, its indigenous peoples, Russian Alaska, American Alaska, Alaska's role in WWII, or just an overview of The Last Frontier, Jack can do it. Perfect for classes and informal social gatherings. Let us know your specific needs. (Discounts for class groups)

The Alaska Native Kuspuk: Create your own indigenous garment
Created for Samasara Studios in Calgary, this class can be taught in different ways. The basic class is the sewing of a Kuspuk, a traditional hooded pullover. Students are encouraged to add personal or cultural symbolism to their Kuspuks. This can be done through piecing, dyeing, applique and painting. Class lengths vary, depending on technique. Maximum class size: 12

The Story Cloth
Also created for Samsara Studios, the goal of this class is to use a simple piece of fabric as a host for symbolism. Using various techniques, a story, represented with symbols, will be placed on the cloth. Students will create their own symbols for a story of their choice. Maximum class size: 15

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