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Month-by-Month Calender of Events for Jack Dalton

The following is a calender outlining dates in which Jack has been to booked for one event or another. This will mean, in most occasions, that Jack is unavailable on those dates. For dates outside of Alaska, figure a two to three day travel and venue preparation period on either side of the date. Jack will list travel days as available. If Jack is in your area, he may be able to perform or teach despite preparations for other events. Contact Jack to make sure.

Dates shown in RED are confirmed. Dates shown in GREEN are unconfirmed and Jack may still be available. Contact him for more information.

August 2000

September 2000

October 2000

November 2000
November 7
Travel Day

November 8
Seton Cove
A Subsidiary of Seton Health Group
Location: TBA
Austin, Texas

November 9
Seton Cove
A Subsidiary of Seton Health Group
Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Pavilion
Austin, Texas
Performance, Raven Returns: The Story of the Human Beings

November 11
Chocta/Nacoma Park School District
Oklamhoma City, Oklahoma

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