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Raven Returns: The Story of the Human Beings --
Part 1: Savage

Part 1 tells the story of the Yup'ik people before their introduction to western culture. It is their stories of creation, philosophies and way of life. They were considered savages by missionaries and western society in general.

How Raven Became The Back Bird He Is
A touching story of Raven and Loon, who were once both white, who come up with a solution for not being confused for each other.

Raven Gets “The God-Complex”
This is a short but funny story of how Raven unwittingly got Beaver to help him create the Earth.

The Creation Legend of the Yup’ik People
Jack Dalton’s retelling of the traditional Yup’ik creation legend. While the storyline is essentially unchanged, the scope of philosophy has been widened.

This is a story explaining the philosophies of the Yup'ik people, including honoring all things and putting the community before the self. "Agaiyun" is the Yup'ik word translated to mean "God," though it means much more than that.

The Great Death
This is the story of how the flu epidemic and the arrival of missionaries affected the Yup'ik. It is quite intense and a fitting finale for the first half of the performance.

Intermission (15 minutes)
The Intermission is called "Victory Is As Difficult As Defeat." This story, about how the religious community has reacted over the past hundred years to its role in Alaska Native history, is told merely through music.

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