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How Raven Became a Storyteller:
An Introduction to Storytelling

Discover hidden creativity, applicable to any part of your life, through our most natural talent: Storytelling. We tell stories every day. Learn how to expand your creative boundaries and understand other people with world-reknowned, Alaska Native author and storyteller, Jack Dalton, in these lively and illuminating workshops.

The art of storytelling in any culture is the relaying of truth from one personís point of view using metaphors and life experiences to a group. The main skills needed are understanding how metaphors work in different aspects of culture and how our life experiences are usually similar. By expanding our view of metaphors, we can better relate ideas and opinions to others. By understanding the similarities in life experience, we can make contact with peoples core beliefs.

Storytelling can have many applications, from the boardroom to the dinner table. While many people may not quite understand or be willing to hear a point of view that is simply given, a story can portray the same idea in a provoking and entertaining way. The story portrays the base idea, the core belief. Then when the surface idea is explained, people can make the connection easier through understanding of the core idea.

5-10 people/1-four hour workshop or 2-two hour workshops;
11-20 people/1-six hour workshop or 2-three hour workshops

Syllabus (Based on 4-hour workshop):
00:00-00:15 How Raven Became a Storyteller
Jackís intro is a story which explains through metaphor how storytelling can be applied to modern life.

00:15-00:30 Class Introductions
Participants introduce themselves and why they were interested in the class.

00:30-00:45 About Storytelling
Jack gives a synopsis of storytelling and techniques.

00:45-01:15 Metaphors
Class forms groups and we do metaphor exercises.
Share with group and the rest of the class.

01:15-02:00 Extended Metaphors and Life Experience
Class chooses major topic and regroups with different
people. Groups discuss all the different metaphors around
class-chosen topic. Relay to group applicable life experiences.

02:00-02:15 Break

02:15-3:30 Storytime!
People tell a story, up to ten minutes, either based on the
class-chosen topic or something truly amazing that just
popped into their head.

03:30-04:00 Discussion
Answer lingering questions and brainstorm as a whole.

Two session workshop follows same timeline without break. Six hour workshop allows more time in Extended Metaphor and Life Experience and in Storytime! sections in account of more people.

All information, programs, titles, images and design are Copyright 1999 by Jack Dalton