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IMAGINOCEAN - Part 2: Journeys In Here

Part 2 features true stories of Jack's personal journey.

Thoughts of Life, Death and the Way of All Things . . . Found in a Blueberry Patch
On a bright autumn day, Jack went to the mountains to pick blueberries, an age old custom of his Yup'ik heritage. He doesn't find many berries, but instead finds the meaning of identity as a human being and how important it is to find what we are seeking, be it blueberries, or in the case of today's youth, love, acceptance and understanding.

"How I Became a Storyteller" or "How a Storyteller Became Me"
The true story of Jack's first major storytelling experience at the 1996 World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Education in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He told a story unscheduled and unrehearsed before over 3,000 delegates from around the world. It changed Jack's life, and who knows, it might change yours.

Making IMAGINOCEAN a Reality in Your Community

When the curtain closes and the audience showers its accolades, it will be known for sure why IMAGINOCEAN deserves your interest. But for now, it requires vision and trust. The vision of great theatre leading to a better world, both in your community and the greater society of which you are a part. The trust that thousands of people cannot be wrong, that the stories of Jack Dalton will truly leave your audiences speechless and applauding wildly.

All information, programs, titles, images and design are Copyright 1999 by Jack Dalton