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IMAGINOCEAN - Part 1: Journeys Out There

The Mixing of the Souls
Long ago, the human beings began to fear they were forgeting where they came from and went to Great Spirit to get some help. Great Spirit's plan to mix the souls of all human beings to speed the cycle of forgetting was not well received.

Hunting for Geese, but Bringing Home the Universe
A true story of a goose hunting expedition on the tundra beyond the remote Yup'ik village of Hooper Bay, Alaska. While trying to teach Jack how to hunt for geese, his uncle instead gives him the key to understanding the Yup'ik idea of the universe: a single word, Agaiyun.

The Mountain Who Wanted to Go to the Beach
A delightful tale, mixing geography and philosophy, about how the universe is always trying to help us get where we want to go.

The Two Teachers
A powerful tale of true friendship between two great teachers who donít meet for a very long time. Subtly referencing Asia, this story is heartfelt and moving as the characters discover cruelty and bliss simultaneously, while in search of their great teachers, who happen to be each other.

Intermission (15 minutes)

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