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IMAGINOCEAN: A Voyage of Storytelling, Motion and Music

IMAGINOCEAN is a one-person, two-hour theatrical experience combining the age-old art of storytelling with music and dance. The stories are a mix of contemporary tales highlighting various philosophies Jack has learned about on his various trips around the world and by spending time in nature by himself. What culminates is a production people the world-over are waiting to see.

Photo by Brad Williams

In today's world, the ocean is a place where people like to go. To play on beaches, to sit on its shore and simply stare out at its vastness, to watch its waves crash against the rocks, slowly transforming them. Long ago, the ocean was the greatest of obstacles, separating people from each other completely. Then it was the great of adventures, calling explorers to map its every shore. Then it became the great super-highway, a constant stream of traffic carrying millions of people back and forth. So many stories can be told of the ocean and its ways.

According to modern science, all life on earth began in the ocean. The ocean since time memorial has served as a symbol of greatness and expansion, as well as mystery and fear.

Our journeys of self-discovery can be seen as paralleling humanity's journeys on the ocean. We started by reflecting on the ocean as something to behold. It sparked something spiritual within. Then we used it to explore and migrate, very outward and practical. Because of our need for speed, we have even taken to skipping the ocean as much as possible, flying high above it, its vastness almost trivial. But we are also returning to it, looking always for that connection inside.

IMAGINOCEAN draws on the metaphor of the imagination being an ocean. Something vast, mysterious and full of potential. The goal of the performance is to leave the audience with the feeling that from the imagination, hope, wisdom and solutions can be found. The principal driving factor for this goal is the stories themselves.

Follow the links to Part 1: Journeys Out There and Part 2: Journeys In Here to learn more about the stories making up this amazing storytelling experience. Also, you can read reviews of Jack's performances.Or read The Two Teachers, one of the great stories from this production.

All information, programs, titles, images and design are Copyright 1999 by Jack Dalton