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Reviews of Gemini, a novel

"... a gem of a book .... Jack writes with an assurance and flair which is unusual. i was enchanted with his descriptions of Southeast Alaska, the way he captures the land with detailed descriptions of the animals, vegetation, glaciers and dampness. The historical information about the Aleut's forced relocation set a powerful ambiance to the secluded cove .... a multitude of ideas .... I especially like the zinger lines--ones I wanted to underline and remember--and the narrator's humor .... worth reading."
--Becky Patterson, Professor of English, University of Alaska Anchorage

"Jack Dalton's Gemini takes on a tour of the natural history of Alaska, a social history of its people, and a personal history of a journey towards self-acceptance and compassion. Jack shows us through the humility and honesty of his characters a path skyward. The story twists and turns, yet remains on course, step by step through the spirituality of creating one's own life consciously."
--Avenue Marie Campala, Anchorage, Alaska

"An amazing book. I didn't want to put it down. I believe everyone will find something in Gemini that connects with them on a very deep level."
--Todd Landis, Seattle, Washington

"It is so powerful, there were passages that resonate so deeply .... Everyone should read this book."
--Sandra Peers, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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