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The Corporate Shaman:
Reviving Indigenous Traditions in the Modern World

The Corporate Shaman is a series of eight workshops dedicated to creating a sense of art and spirituality within the milieu of modern economics through self-exploration and storytelling. The goal of The Corporate Shaman is to create a corporate culture where the importance of physical profit is paralleled and equaled to mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

These workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each company, based primarily on the amount of time the participants can give to the process. The eight workshops can be condensed or expanded, separately or as a whole.

If you are interested in presenting The Corporate Shaman to your company, please e-mail Jack with as many specifics as possible, i.e. number of people, possible venues, and possible goals for your company to attain by participating in The Corporate Shaman.

Please note, aside from Jack's facilitation fee, your company will be responsible for Jack's transportation from Anchorage, lodging, and per diem rates for your city. Since many different companies, with varying resources and perspective participants, show an interest in The Corporate Shaman, the workshops content, length, and fees will be tailored to your needs. All fees are negotiable. (Other rates listed in this site are not applicable.)

Following is an introduction to the workshops:

“The Evolution of Tradition” - Indigenous Ways in the Modern Environment
Take a look at two cultures: The Modern Culture and The Indigenous Culture. Learn how the two are, essentially, dying. The Modern Culture due to a break-down of culture due to a lack of traditions that could tie the whole together. The Indigenous Culture due to its inability to apply its very viable traditions to the modern environment. There is hope, though. We can help traditions evolve so that they may be applicable to the modern environment during this critical time.

“Regression Progression” - Remembering that Life is a Game
Exercises are set-up to create an environment in which all participants feel comfortable within the group. This is done by playing some rather childlike, but fun games. The goal being, if you can play “Duck. Duck. Goose!” in business attire, you certainly won’t be too embarrassed to tell a story or two.

“The Zen Hierarchy” - Understanding a Three Dimensional Corporate Structure
Here we apply the indigenous idea of interconnectedness and look at corporate structure in a different way. We’ll expand on the idea of how a CEO can’t do their job if the mail-cart pusher doesn’t do theirs, and how each can respect the others’ position in the grand scheme of things.

“Wind of Change” - The Mastery of Extended Metaphor and Intro. to Storytelling
The basis of storytelling is extended metaphor. For centuries, thought to be the realm of poets and playwrights, we see how everyone can an expert in metaphors in their own right.

“Me, Too” - Basic Understanding of the Human Experience
What makes storytelling effective is its ability to touch all people. By understanding the basic “human experience,” we are able to understand where almost everyone is coming from, going to and why.

“I, the Wind” - Becoming a Modern Storyteller
Combining the understanding of human experience with extended metaphor creates a story. It is as easy as it sounds. But we’ll make sure you have time to practice.

“The Shaman’s Debut” - Telling the Story, Being a Storyteller
Here each participant tells a story. Group discussion follows.

“Living It” - The Epic of Our Life
Now that everyone is a storyteller, how are you going to apply storytelling and other basic indigenous philosophies into your life? Get ready to ask and be asked some deep philosophical questions. They may not all be answered, or they may be answers within themselves. Finish off with a story by Jack.

All information, programs, titles, images and design are Copyright 1999 by Jack Dalton