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Raven Returns: The Story of the Human Beings --
Part 2: Civilized

Part 2 highlights the treacherous nature of the modern, "civilized" culture's affect on Alaska Natives. But, Raven returns . . .

All the stories in Part 2 are original stories created by jack as part of his repertoire.

Joseph Goes Hunting
Joseph is a young teenager who tells his family he is going hunting, but he really plans to kill himself. Raven intervenes at the last moment.

The Mixing of The Souls
Raven returns, after a hundred years of not hearing from his people, to find things quite changed. He tells this story to explain to Joseph why things are the way they are; that everything happening is a part of Great Spirit's plan.

How Raven Reacted to the Periodic Table of Elements
Raven's determination to help Joseph and the other children leads to their classroom where he learns about science and the periodic table of elements. Shocked by these modern philosophies, his mischevious innocence and magical ways convince the teacher that indigenous ways are equally valid.

Raven Goes In Search of Himself
A child questions Raven's role as the Creator, sending Raven on a world tour in hopes of discovering who or what he really is. What he learns could actually help us all.

Making Raven Returns a Reality in Your Community

When the curtain closes and the audience showers its accolades, it will be known for sure why Raven Returns deserves your interest. But for now, it requires vision and trust. The vision of great theatre leading to a better world, both in your community and the greater society of which you are a part. The trust that thousands of people cannot be wrong, that the stories of Jack Dalton will truly leave your audiences speechless and applauding wildly.

All information, programs, titles, images and design are Copyright 1999 by Jack Dalton