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Books by Jack Dalton

Jack has written one book and is currently working on a three others.

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Gemini, a novel- Gemini is Jack's first novel.

What if you met God?

Daegan, an idealistic, yet cynical guy from Sitka, Alaska, hates the universe and whatever created it. Oppressed by his hopelessness and the weight of everything, he decides to "end it all." When he does, he meets an ancient, Aleut couple, apparent ghosts in an abandoned cannery on the wilderness shores of Relevance Bay.

After a short time, the Aleuts prove to be more than just wise, old Alaska Natives. They lead Daegan through amazing discoveries about himself and the universe around him.

All the while, Daegan is confronted more and more with the fact that his greatest enemy is not the universe or whatever created it . . . but himself.

What if you really did meet God?

"A gem of a novel!"- Dr. Becky Patterson, Professor of English, University of Alaska Anchorage

ISBN # 0-9679725-0-7
$25 USD, $35 CDN

Raven Returns: The Story of the Human Beings- featuring the epic story from the theatrical production - Read the stories which make up the epic tale of Raven Returns: The Story of the Human Beings. The book contains uncut versions of some stories as well as historical information.

**Currently being transcribed to written form**

IMAGINOCEAN: The short stories of Jack Dalton- featuring the stories from the theatrical production - Read the uncut versions of the short stories featured in Jack Dalton's IMAGINOCEAN: A Voyage of Storytelling, Motion & Music.

**Currently being transcribed to written from**

The Corporate Shaman: Reintroducing functional art to the modern culture - Jack is turning his workshops targeting corporate administrators into a companion book. Discover the connection between CEOs and shamans and chiefs. Explore the applications of storytelling, our most innate talent, to our modern lifestyle. Help the evolution of tradition that will save our world.

**Currently being written**

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