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October 28, 1999
#2000 Crescent St.,
Burnaby, B.C.,
V5J 6T7

Guy Recktor
Vol-N-Peer Community Centre
7000 Kingsway,
Burnaby, B. C.,
V3N 4T5

RE: Volunteer and Activities Corrdinator

Dear Guy Recktor,

During my seven years of volunteering with Big Sisters of B. C. (f), I had many pleasant opportunities to bring several of my Little Sisters to Youth House, and witnessed it's steady expansion and evolution into what is now the Vol-N-Peer Community Centre. When I became aware that the Volunteer and Activities Coordinator position had been posted through SFU's Co-op Education Office, I was certain that my volunteer and work experience, combined with my education, would prove to be fruitful contributions to the Community Centre. I wish to be considered for this position, and have attached my resume for your evaluation.

I have developed a strong understanding and respect for the benefits of utilizing volunteers' enthusiasm and experience in the community. This understanding, in concert with my ability to appropriate both private and corporate financial sponsors, will enable me to recruit volunteers for the Community Centre (1). Furthermore, I have trained new volunteers for Big Sisters of B. C. and new clerks for SFU Bookstore (4). My ability to train will ensure a smooth transition period for new volunteers (b).

Having worked at SFU Summer Camps, I will be able to draw upon my experience of leading youth-focused activities to assist in all aspects of delivering enjoyable, innovative services to the young users of the Centre (2,3,b,f). Because of my appreciation for an organized work environment, as demonstrated through my work as a customer service clerk, I will maintain a sensitivity to the needs of both the Community Centre and volunteers when I designate tasks (5,a,e,g).

I am confident that my enthusiasm, experience and interest in community service will contribute to Vol-N-Peer's high standard of excellence. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this position further.


Resa May

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