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The impetus for this site stemmed from the interests and issues experienced by educator, writer, artist and web designer - June Kaminski, RN MSN. Women 2000 sprung into mind as a positive companion to DynoWomyn Web Haven - a site devoted to helping individual women develop their bodies, minds, hearts and spirits for personal empowerment and well being. This site also grew from a seed planted as June taught in the Collaborative Nursing Program or CNP at Kwantlen University College in Western Canada. The curriculum of the CNP fosters empowered nurses equipped to use a feminist, critical social theory, empowerment and health promotion based framework to help clients and families gain control of their own health and lives. Women have suffered from the injustices of inequality, subordination, fear, violence, stereotypic negative images and sexism for far too long. When one examines the global situation of women, there is still much room for improvement and growth. This site is a small gesture to help educate and enlighten women to take their lives into their own hands, and collectively join their power to enhance the position, experience and situation of every female on this planet.

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