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There are many forms of power. Personal power, female power and women united together power are all important to the 21st century woman. Several articles, links and resources for developing personal and female power are offered on my site DynoWomyn Web Haven.The following resources are links to online journals, websites, and organizations that can help you to develop your power in a number of different contexts. For too long, people have felt that power meant ego. Power is natural and positive, especially when expressed in a benevolent and altruistic way. Women have a special power that seeks to balance, to restore and to heal discord and chaos around them. This power needs to be harnessed for the good of us all - women, men and children - not to mention the planet herself! If you know of a Power resource that should be included here, please send it in with the details, Here!

  • Activist's Handbook - from, a good introduction to becoming politically active in ways that make a difference.

  • The Electra Pages - searchable database on women sites.

  • Fabula Magazine - American feminist magazine, which is geared towards an audience wanting a fresh, woman-friendly look at today's social and political issues.

  • Feminist Yellow Pages of Cyberspace - by Editor & Publisher, Hilary F. Poole, offers forum for discussion on gender and representation, Women and Performance features essays, scripts, interviews and articles on performance from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives.

  • - offers weekly news updates from Washington Feminist Faxnet, activist alerts, women's health resources, postings from women-owned businesses, links, articles and interviews, and acts as a home for many women's non-profit organizations.

  • Gender Inn (English version) -Searchable Database for Women's and Gender Studies including over 5000 records pertaining to feminist theory, feminist literary criticism focusing on British and American Literature. All information is available both in German and English.

  • Her - a creative interactive space promoting and supporting female artists.

  • Idealist and Action without Borders - A global coalition of individuals and organizations working to build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives.

  • Keys to Feminine Empowerment - an article from a Yoruba African traditional perspective.

  • Leadership America - a national, not-for-profit organization that recognizes, educates and connects accomplished and diverse women to increase their individual and collective impact globally.

  • Les Penelopes - Information women web site with a project of federative web site of all women organizations. En Francais and English.

  • New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams - Wonderfully written journal for young developing girls/teens.

  • NetAction's Virtual Activist Training Guide - a complete online course to help you get started. Lots of tips and tricks.

  • On the Issues: The Progressive Women's Journal - full online articles from the thoughtfully written printed journal.

  • The Communication Initiative - Communication Interventions for Sustainable Development - excellent directory of resources and tools for activist approaches to creating a better world for all.

  • The Cthonia Institute - Huge interactive resource for rational feminists and young women who are trying to understand religion, philosophy, and their own sexuality. Reading lists, essays, interactive features, etc.

  • The Quest for Equality - created in the spirit of celebrating Women's History Month; articles in the feature are from World Book and chronicle the rise of the women's movement.

  • The Rebuttal from Uranus - a critical look at the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus movement of John Gray.

  • Thomas: US Congress on the Internet - Legislative Information on the Internet.

  • Tools for Organizers, Activists, Educators and Other Hell-Raisers - loads of resources to help you get active or form an activist group that works!

  • Voices of Women - offers articles, a calendar of events, links to other sites on the Web, a directory of woman-friendly businesses and a marketplace as tools to empower.

  • Web Active News - A weekly publication about activism and progressive politics on the internet, with reviews of activist sites, ways to participate in activism via the Internet, and a searchable guide to progressive sites.

  • Wench - Upbeat Journal on feminism, issues, politics and culture.

  • Woman 2 Woman - an online community for women.

  • Womanist Theory and Research - A Journal of Womanist and Feminist-of-Color Scholarship and Art.

  • Women Making History Today - inspiration, resources, community.

  • Directory for Women on the Go - lots of resources for developing your own power or adding it to a group with others.

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