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VINCE VAUGHN ON BARNEY: "He's the evolutionary freak." says Vince Vaughn, "
"It's so strange to think, Okay, I'm going to work with Steven Spielberg and Julianne Moore," says Vaughn.
"I've never been one to follow the Academy Awards that much because it's such an unpredictable thing. It's almost like betting on horses. But I liked Shine a lot. I fall into a pretty big category when I say that."
Q: What's the most typically glamorous Hollywood night you've experienced so far? VV: I don't like the glamorous nights so much. I usually leave depressed and I don't know why. Maybe it's the forced politeness. I like the local bar with money in the jukebox and a pretty girl next to me. Vince, Movieline, Sep 97
To photograph Vince Vaughn for the Details Cover Story [ Sept 1997], photographer Herb Ritts took Vince to an electrical generating station in Redondo Beach, CA. "I hadn't realized how big Vince was - he's six foot five - and I wanted him to have room to move around, " Ritts says. On the shoot, Vince made one request: Elvis. "Luckily, we had a greatest-hits CD," says Ritts, " and as soon as well put it on, the arms went up and the hips started gyrating." Details, September 1997