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Before teaming up as killer and victim, respectively in the remake of 'Psycho,' VINCE VAUGHN and ANNE HECHE co-star in the morally charged thriller 'Return to Paradise,' which they joined together to discuss.

ET Online: Now for both of you, this is sort of a departure from the comedic roles we've been seeing you in. Did you find that this was a different kind of thing for you? What was it like?
Anne Heche: Definitely different from any comedic role I think either one of us has ever done...
Vince Vaughn: ... Although probably some of the funniest stuff we've ever done off-camera.
Anne: Yes. That was the thing- we kept trying to make 'Return to Paradise: the comedy,' 'Return to Paradise: the musical,' but then at that time it was called 'Force Majeure' which was easier to say. (singing) 'Force Majeure: the musical. So this just offered a whole bevy of fun for us as actors. Just a beautiful story line and the questions that it raises. And a love story coming out of a very interesting situation.
Vince: And also you're working with one of the great directors of thrillers- of this genre, Joe Ruben, who did 'Sleeping with the Enemy' and 'The Good Son.'
Anne: Absolutely, which was a thrill.
ETOL: Now, I would imagine you would have to dig pretty deep in your characters to face these kinds of questions. Especially you Vince, it really puts yourself to the test of what would you do for your brother or for someone you hadn't seen in a long time.
Vince: Which is an interesting thing to go through. I'm listening as I struggle with my cigarette lighter. The thing about it for me specifically is that, the character goes through it and he has to go through it organically. He can't have anything to hit in and you'd like to think you can go back but how do you really know unless you yourself were ever in that specific situation. I think if I had Anne coming to me, telling me to go back, then Iwould, because of the way that it was done by that person. It wasn't about- the circumstances are such and such and such, I think Sheriff doesn't go back. But it wasn't just that the circumstances were such and such and such, but I see that you're going to act like this, you're going to act like this- and that's all great. You're still here and I see you, I see you, and that's the thing that makes you say, okay- I have to cop to it. I have to take responsibility for it. If it was someone else, I think Sheriff could have found a way, or even played by a different actress, I don't think he would have had the same believability with everything going on.
ETOL: Have either of you personally ever been in a situation you really feel like you've had this kind of conundrum- you've faced something like that?
Vince: The closest I've ever done was taken detention in school. Like stepped up so that my friends didn't have to totally miss the field day. It's the truth- I did it, I raised my hand and I was counted. If I hadn't come forward we would have all missed our field day.
Anne: That's sweet.
Vince: That's who I am. You've never been in that situation- you don't know what you'd do for sure.
ET: there's a lot of chemistry between you two, are you doing more projects together?
Vince: Ugh. Anne: Why did you just do, 'ugh?'
Vince: The word 'chemistry.' I just think it's funny that the word is chemistry. I mean, it's a good word, but...
Anne: ... It's like a chart that says H2O.
Vince: I would just say adore-ment, trust.
Anne: What did you say, a doorman?
Vince: No, no adore-ment. Like,adoring.
Anne:Oh, I thought you said a doorman, like you open doors for me, I open doors for you. A doorman.
Vince: Totally. (laughs) Watch us shine. I love Anne Heche. I think she's a great person. Anyone would be happy to work with Anne. She's great, great, great. I mean, look at any movie she's been in and any performance she's given. Her approach and her style just brings everyone's level up. Especially with material like this it's hard to convince that it's going to go down like that. It's a blessing to have that.
Anne: You're sweet. You do the same thing. That's what it is, because we do that for each other.
-- August 10, 1998