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Christine's Books

The Joy of Icelandics

76 page training manual covering gaits, starting young Icelandics under saddle and dealing with them on the ground in great detail. Many photos and precise how-to explanations. Published in 1992.

More Joy With Icelandics

Part 2 of Joy With Icelandics, this book features over 120 page of how-to information on training young horses, riding and getting the most enjoyment out of your Icelandics. Includes a 40 page health section by Icelandic veterinarian Rikke Schultz. Over 100 photos, published 1997.

The Icelandic Horse in North America

An 84 page introduction to the breed. Gaits, problem corner and a list of over 2,000 Icelandic names and their meanings. First published in 1987.

The Icelandic Horse--A Breed Apart

72 page book with many colour photos & history of the Icelandic horse is published by Iceland Review in Iceland.

Icelandic Friends

Icelandic Friends

An 80 page tribute to a breed of horse with extra sense & extra smarts. Icelandic sagas and stories, profiles of horses in Iceland, Europe and North America. Informative and fun to read with over 50 photos. Published in 1995.

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