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SFX Canoe Base Pictures

Troop 33's Canoe Base Trek left on June 21, 1999. We traveled to Atikokan Canoe Base in ontario canada. This base was part of The Northern Tier National High Adventure Bases for the Boy Scouts of America.It was a Great camping trip filled with challenge and adventure as well as laughter and good food.

Brian This is our "intrerpreter",
Brian. He didn't end up
appearing in many pictures,
but here is one of him in
action. He was a great guide
and I know that he made our
time at Canoe Base a lot
Here we all are,
almost at the end of
our trek. This picture
was taken infront of
a beautiful waterfall
on the last day of
canoeing. The order
from left to right is
Our Trek
Return After a long and hard day of paddling
and portaging we finally get back. It
had been a fun and adventurous trip

After a long trip there
was plenty of time to share stories
and reminise about things that
hapened during the trek. There was
also a little time for Jon to
mess around with the pair of
antlers we found. This picture was
taken right when we landed at base.
Gopher Boy

If you would like copies of these pictures or are interested in more details about them, email me.

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