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My Virtual Photo Album

The julia set

This is the upcoming tatoo that I'm going to get. This is called the Julia Set, a fractal. A fractal is mathematical equasion such as F(x)=x^2+c (the Julia set). The equasion is graphed and makes a nice picture, but the picture never ends. If you zoom into an edge, the pattern repeats over and over... Fractles are the basis of the Chaos Theory; this theory is used in so many ways. From predicting how snowflakes make a different shape, to how a tree may branch off. there is actual order in Chaos. Philosophy and mathematics can be one. A butterfly flaps it's wings and makes the weather change in China. Here's the kickin news.....I finally got the Tattoo, not too shabby either,,,, I'll get a pic up as soon as I can.

my hand

little cuzzin Arlo.


this is when I was snowboarding and I took a nasty dive. dislocated my elbow, so this is like a few days after I got it put back into place. the way it bruised and became swollen was really weird. it's hard to see is this picture, but the colors ranged from like light yellow,,, to an almost black.