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Grandfather here my words.
Grandfather here my words.
I stand before you a humble one of the people.
I was lost but You knew where I was.
You called, I heard, I came.
Once again I walk the long joyous Red Path.
Grandfather for every Sun Rise I See.
I will send thanks from My Heart to You.
I was Lost but now Found.
Thank You Grandfather Thank You.
Grandfather You have Blessed me with a Sacred Task.
To Seek out the Lost and Hurting.
And With Your Love and Wisdom.
Guide them, Heal Them, Teach Them.
The Old Ways The True Ways.
So They may Walk the Red Path Again With Honor.
This I do with Love and Honor.
These Words I Speak Come From My Heart.
It is Done

Requests For A
True Spiritual Sleep

A fluffy cloud for a pillow.
A clear smooth lake for a bed.
A mountain meadow for a rug for feet on chilly mornings.
A soft warm breeze for a blanket.
A moon for a night light.
A flock of birds singing evening prayers.
Stars for a path that prayers follow to Grandfather.
A Crimson sun set with which to color dreams of peace and happiness.
A grateful heart that appreciates it all.

Spirit Eyes

Thank you Grandfather for the ability to put these thoughts into words

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