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Cows of the Udder Ground

Doing a little mooin' down on the farm.
Hi I'm Gerdy and this is my buddy Fred.
Welcome! Let us take you through the magical land of cows
where cows can talk, groove, and let their udders down.

How Cows of the Udderground came to be:

Fred and I were lounging at our pad in the pasture one sunny day, when it struck me. No...not the pies that Fred was flinging at me, but a brilliant idea. "Fred!" I moo'd "We just have to do something to tell the world how wonderful we cows are." So here it is, our tribute to ourselves.
We tried making our own webpage but after discovering that my hoof isn't the ideal typing tool, we decide to ask our friend Suzy for a little help. Please feel free to tread lightly as there may be some steamy surprises lurking around the barnyard! moo moo moo ;)

Get Moovin!

Click here to go to My Mary Moo Moos

Here are a few cartoons from our most favorite book

Here's a few of our friends. Someone thought they
were so cute, they had them made
into miniature figurines.

"Woof!" down cow....down__Buttermilk and Buttercup

What are MOO looking at?!
This is Albert..he's got a real attitude problem. Looks like he beat us to the straw again!

I hear Fish is good?!

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Cow Poetry
Cows are cute..cows are fun..especially when they're on a bun!

Did you know...In Scotland it is illegal to be a drunk in possession of a cow.

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Suzy's Favorite Things About Cows