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McKenzie Westmore Pictures

All Passions pictures are property of NBC. If I have put up pictures that I'm not supposed to have, email me and I will take them off immediately.

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Posing as Sheridan on NBC
Beginning of Sheridan's ad
The Cast of Passions
The known Crane family members
McKenzie and Travis Shuldt posing
A picture of 'Sheridan' and 'Ethan'
Posing with 'Jean Luc'
Lounging in Flowers
A close up of the yellow flower picture
Between Dalton James and Galen Gering
McKenzie, Dalton, James Hyde, and Galen posing
With Galen Gering
With Galen Again (not too good quality)
Galen and Her Being Cute


Ethan comforting Sheridan before she goes to Princess Di's funeral
Ethan comforting Sheridan when she is upset because she thinks that she may turn out to be like Di
Ethan still comforting Sheridan
Sheridan and Ethan talking
Sheridan in the hospital after a car accident
Sheridan seeing Diana when Di tells her it's not time to die yet
Sheridan enjoying tea or something in Paris
Sheridan being sexy in Paris as a photographer plots to 'shoot' her
Sheridan in Paris... with a hat
Sheridan with sculpturesque hair in Paris
Gwen and Sheridan chatting in Paris
Jean Luc and Sheridan being cute in Paris
Sheridan and Jean Luc being cute again
A really cute picture of Sheridan and Jean Luc
Sheridan smiling with Jean Luc
Sheridan and Jean Luc dancing
Sheridan on the phone in Paris
Sheridan's heart breaking as she sees Jean Luc and Mimi kissing
Sheridan telling Jean Luc that she's going to give her money to charity
Sheridan at Jean Luc's country home
Jean Luc, Mimi, and Sheridan
Sheridan slapping the two timing Jean Luc
In Jail With Gwen (Liza Huber)
Pawing At Luis In Jail
On The Cell Floor With Luis
A Blindfolded Luis Kisses Her
Right After A Blindfolded Luis Kisses Her
Beginning The Tango With Luis
Luis Caressing Her Face While Doing The Tango
Doing The Tango With Luis
Appears To Be Having A Staring Contest With Luis
Doing The Soap Opera Thing
Looking Smug
Looking Disgruntled
Looking Disgruntled Again
Looking Like A Bird At The Youth Center
Looking Birdesque AND Disgruntled!
Walking In On Naked Luis
Close Up
Thinking She Has Blood On Her Hands (It's Paint)
Sheridan in her dream
Telling Luis She Brought Frogs Legs
Hugging Hank (My Favorite!)
Martin holding a gun to Sheridan in front of Luis
Luis aiming a gun at Martin, who is holding Sheridan hostage
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