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McKenzie Westmore

McKenzie Westmore (pictured above, with Galen Gering) was born on April 26, 1977, in San Fernando Valley, California. Her family tree consists of many make-up artists. Her father, Michael Westmore, did work for Star Trek, some of the Rocky pictures, and Raging Bull. Other Westmores were Montague George Westmore, who was the uncredited hair stylist and make-up artist for Gone With The Wind; and George Westmore, who was the founder of the first movie make-up department. Some other members in McKenzie's family were make-up artists, make-up supervisors, actors, and costume designers. One family member was the costume designer for Alice in Wonderland. So McKenzie's family had a long history in show business. Often McKenzie and her siblings would visit their father on the set of Star Trek. McKenzie has been on a few Star Trek productions, listed below. McKenzie has also been a guest star on Weird Science. The episode was called 'Pirates' (episode#3.14; July 13, 1996). She portrayed 'Jessica'. As well as her father working on Raging Bull, a young McKenzie was actually in the film. She was Jake's Daughter and went uncredited in the 1980 movie. McKenzie is now portraying the role of 'Sheridan Crane' on the new NBC soap opera, 'Passions'. She says that she's tried out for all of the soap operas, and now she's landed the role as my personal favorite, Sheridan. Passions first aired on July 5, 1999. For more on Passions, click the 'back to the page' button at the bottom of the page and click on any one of the Passions Characters links.

Star Trek Appearances

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