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Sheridan Crane

Okay. I'm Ashley and this is my McKenzie Westmore/Sheridan Crane page. I am so obsessed with the show, Passions. Passions is a show on NBC. I don't have any ties with it or anything like that. This is just my little shrine to my favorite character. My favorite character on Passions is Sheridan Crane. She is played by McKenzie Westmore, and is by far the most interesting character on the show. For more information on Sheridan Crane, click the first Passions Characters link. For information on McKenzie Westmore, click the McKenzie Westmore link below. If you would like to take some of the pictures on this page, you are welcome to, just as long as you credit me for the collage (if you take it and put it on your page). For other interests, There is a link to my Claire Danes page (which also has a killer background), and my Smashing Pumpkins page. If you want (for some strange and unknown reason) to read about me or my sexy friends, there's a link in my Claire Danes page. The Smashing Pumpkins page sucks because I never work on it. It does have a weird picture, though. If you have any pictures you think I should have on my page, email me. My email is listed at the bottom of the page. Also, if you find any errors, please contact me so I can correct them immediately. If you want to just congratulate me, or just don't want to email me, sign my GuestBook. Well... Have fun and Thank you!


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