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Doug's Critic Column - The Final Chapter

Final Farewell

After the Sabres made there glorious run to the Cup final in 1998 season, I joined the latest craze of personal webpages. In the beginning the page was sparse and poorly laid out. Pretty soon I started to get a few hits a day. I was amazed people actually took the time to hear my views and opinions. Getting a viewer email was like Christmas. I took time to respond to every last one and in many cases built online buddies through this site.

After a while I began to get about 100 hits a day. Will's Kickin Sabres was quickly expanding. I made a more professional design, added message boards, polls and the rest of it. I eventually branched out and added members to my staff. Some stayed on and left quickly. Others stayed around. One of which is Doug. He was a very popular writer with his Art Wander type articles.

This year I have been unable to find the time to keep a productive site for the fans. And this is all about the fans. I find myself not even watching every game; not that I love the Sabres even less. I have just found many other things in my life that interest me. Not to mention that asshole (first swear on WKS!) Bettman, who is clearly running the game into the ground. If I have taught you guys anything please let it be; RESIST BETTMAN UNTIL THE END! Save the game!

I would like to thank EVERYONE who has been apart of this site; especially the viewers. Please feel free to email me at any time, for whatever reason. I would also like to take this chance to offer this website up to anyone in the public who loves the team as much as I do. You could have full control of the site and I will give you all the necessary tools to get it going. Email me if interested in this site.

Thats it, with this final farewell, I bid you all a happy life. I respectfully retire.


Important Address

Hey folks! WKS is definitely at a crossroads. Over the past year I have been spending countless hours at my PC updating and finding the latest Sabres information and posting it on this website. I hope you all have enjoyed the work that I have been doing.

This past few months have really been a strain on me. I don't have the time to make the updates that you guys deserve. I wonder if it is time to stop? I love doing this work but it is just getting to be too much. If anyone wants me too keep this thing going I could really use some help. There are plenty of fun, rewarding things that will help me keep the site. If you want to help send me an emailor just send a quick Email saying that you want the site to keep running. After a few weeks I will make a final decision. Thank You! I really enjoyed communicating with you all!

Weekly Report

Over the last few weeks, the Sabres have really become a consistent team. While I'll admit that they've had some bad periods, and bad games, overall, they look good. Since my last article, there have been a number of emotional games, including the rematch with the Dallas Stars. Now, I went to that game, and was impressed with the Sabres effort. From speaking to a few players, they realized the emotional significance of the game, and were a little unhappy that there wasn't a better outcome.

As for individual players, there are a number that stick out in my mind... Full Story

11-24 Willrus explores the Peca's trade situation and possible teams interested in his services in Rumours and Rumblings
Intimidated Again By Philly
Sabres Central

Last April, the Philadelphia Flyers blew past the Sabres in five games during the first round of the playoffs. The Sabres have had plenty of time to think about how the Flyers humiliated them to end their season early. Most expected a spirited effort by the Buffalo skaters in an attempt to get some form of retaliation against the team that eliminated them. That was not the case, as the Flyers shutdown and shutout the Sabres 3-0 in the First Union Center Saturday night.

The Sabres went from ugly to horrid when they played their second bad game in a row. On Friday, Buffalo just squeaked a victory out over the Montreal Canadiens. The Sabres didn't even show for the game in Philadelphia...Full Story

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