WWF Wrestlemania X-7

Notes: Shane McMahon arrived in his limo with the "WCW # 1" plate on the front.....The gimmick Battle Royal features the Bushwhackers, Duke Droese, The Iron Shiek, Earthquake, The Goon, Doink The Clown, Kimala, Repo Man, Jim Cornette, Nikolai Volkoff, Michael Hayes, The One Man Gang, The Gobbledegooker, Tugboat, Hillbilly Jim, Brother Love and Sgt Slaughter.....Among those representing Shane's WCW shown on camera were Shawn Stasiak, Lance Storm and Chavo Guererro Jr.....Attendance announced @ 67,925, a record for the Astrodome.....Stone Cold Steve Austin turns heel, once again aligning himself with Vince Mc Mahon.

Sunday, April 1, 2001 - Houston