The Squared Circle

By David Roberson

In thinking about the WCW invasion, I'm convinced that someone just doesn't get it. There is a phrase which goes, Good things come to those who wait. Granted, in today's world, that may seem a bit outdated, but, nonetheless, to quote Kurt Angle, it is true. The card which is shaping up for WWF Invasion on July 22, along with the storyline property division on July 23, have me thinking. An upcoming Canadian RAW taping has been changed to a WCW taping, according to officials. Booker T defends the WCW Title against Kurt Angle in Albany, NY this week, then again the next night in New Haven. The upcoming Invasion card now features Mike Awesome taking on Rhyno for the WWF Hardcore Title, a ladies tag match with Lita and Trish taking on Torrie and Stacy, and X-Pac challenging Kidman. Rumored is a match with the WWF Tag champions The Dudley Boyz meeting the WCW Tag champions Chuck Palumbo and Shawn O'Haire. The main event, titled The Inaugural Brawl, features a 5-on-5 tag match with WCW taking on the WWF. Throw in a stipulaton or a gimmick along with prominent names, and you may create the Invasion angle we have been looking for. The names for the main event tag war have not yet been announced. Still without a match on the card are Steve Austin, Kurt Angle,'Taker,and Kane, who could comprise the WWF side of the battle. Add to that list Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Buff Bagwell, Lance Storm, and Chris Kanyon for WCW, and you have the possibilty of a Main Event worthy of the name. It's an argument certainly worth considering. Maybe it's Vince Mc Mahon who doesn't get it.... and maybe it's us, the wrestling fans who want it all to happen NOW.

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