The Squared Circle

By David Roberson

From all appearances, Vince Mc Mahon still hates WCW. In any form. Last night's much-anticipated episode of WWF Raw proves that. The marks saw it as the beginning of an invasion. Those of us who have been around for awhile saw it as an opportunity for Vince to show us what he could do with a company heretofore beleaguered and cast aside. What we all saw was the same ol' WCW. Now, bearing in mind,as I have stated before,that the Atlanta WCW is dead, then one would have to ask why. Why did Scott Hudson stupidly refer to the WCW title defense as a WWF Title defense? Why did he refer to Arn Anderson as Triple A? Why did Buff Bagwell come across as a true ass, even to those who have no idea that he truly is one in real life? Why was Booker T made to look so very inept? And why was it that the WCW guys got booted out the back door? Remember the two-plus years of WCW Nitro when Hollywood HOG-an and company would invade weekly and serve up the faces as one would a tossed salad? It's yesterday, once more. I hope that the WWF is able to turn WCW into a viable, working product. After last night's disastrous debut, I have my doubts.

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