The Squared Circle

By David Roberson

Invasion afterthoughts: There will be those who say that the first interpromotional satellite telecast was a letdown. That could be because there was not an interpromtional effort. Period. Every athlete who performed at WWF inVasion last night is under contract to the World Wrestling Federation. On to more important points. After a win on Sunday Night Heat by Chavo Guerrero, Jr, followed by three consecutive Team WWF victories, I began to suspect that, like Dusty Rhodes of old, Vince Mc Mahon was going to use the evening to put himself over. More exactly, to dethrone the "opposition." I was pleasantly surprised. The tie going into the main event built up a momentum which, despite the obvious Steve Austin turn, which everyone saw coming, gave a boost and added credibility to the overall effort. As a side note, I would bet that, if the Atlanta-based WCW had featured Torrie and Stacy the way Vince has, the organization just may still be in business. The win by Rob Van Dam, who is arguably the best worker in the business today, long with the Steve Austin turn, serves to give the Coalition a stronger base and more believability when combatting their WWF counterparts.

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