The Squared Circle

By David Roberson

The concept of Main Event Championship Wrestling is interesting. Earlier this summer, the group booked Winston-Salem, N.C., only to cancel. My understanding is that the organization will be run like the National Wrestling Alliance of old. Owner/commissioner John Collins, 37, a professional arbitrator, has proposed health benefits and a 401k plan for his performers.Initially, there will be two territories, one based in Philadelphia, the other in Evansville. Collins has said that he is looking to Atlanta as the future third city. There will be one heavyweight champion and each region will have territorial champions. Curt Hennig has been tapped as the inaugural champion of the group. Collins looks to run three house shows per night over a four-night period per week. He hopes to debut on pay-per-vew in June, 2002. The group has already taken the Southern States promotion based in Tennessee and an indy in Evansville. The group has Viking Hall, aka the ECW Arena, in Philadelphia booked for TV on August 11. TV deals are said to be ongoing with the Sunshine Network in Florida, America One Television, UPN 48 in Philadelphia and a small UPN affiliate which broadcasts to Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Whether MECW is a scam with a man playing on peoples' desperation or the new number two remains to be seen. There are those within the business who are speculating both.

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