The Squared Circle

by David Roberson

I has been termed an invasion. For those of us who follow the World Wrestling Federation, and remember World Championship Wrestling, it's just another angle. And a very good one. Wrestling purists may have been expecting the much-anticipated WWF-WCW showdown. Granted, that is what the WWF would like to have us believe is going on. Sadly, this is not the case, for one basic reason: WCW is dead. The Atlanta-based, struggling WCW of old is no more. Thus, the battle over who-is-the-best is moot. A few months ago, The WWF salvaged the fledgling WCW and, from a business perspective, did the right thing by systematically retaining those employees who could return some type of profit on the investment. Many fans saw the takeover as negative. I saw the development as positive for I understood that the WCW I grew up with was soon-to-be non-existent. I applaud the WWF for the Invasion angle. For the first time in years, I actually watch the Monday and Thursday night shows, in additon to taping them. With the anticipation of a WWF versus WCW heavyweight title match upcoming, I can only hope that the Mc Mahon family sees it fit not to bury the company they have acquired. A solid match between Steve Austin and Booker T may just satisfy those who believe the Invasion angle to be real.