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In a message dated 7/19/2007 5:03:14 PM Central Daylight Time, CDavidRoberson writes: We are off and running .... I was having problems with Angelfire earlier this morning, but they seem to have been resolved. I teach high school, and the time I have to put into the site is limited during the school months. Teaching is a wonderful profession if you can tolerate the students. I am more or less unemployed but do have my own office management company when I decide to dive back into the workforce. My father was recently diagnosed with acute lukemia and I have resisted seeking full time work until I know more about the progression of the disease. I look forward to working with you, too. From what I have read, I think that you will bring a much-needed fresh perspective to Bodyslam. I welcome any submissions which you may care to send, not limited to opinion. I would love to have a play-by-play analysis, and welcome your ideas. We'll be in touch. I am not an Internet genius, but if there is a way that I can format anything I send to you that would help on your end, please let me know. Is there any way you can show me how it should be done? I tried to get the Victory Road pay per view the day it aired, but my cable company had different ideas. I do have it now and will make a run at a play by play. You do not be any means have to publish what I send but feel free to forward any ideas and don't hesitate to provide criticism. Although I am unemployed, I am very much involved in the animal kingdom. I am an active member as well as foster/sanctuary home for the following: http://www.rabbit.org -- I belong to the Missouri Chapter http://www.kcdoberescue.com/ http://www.kindplanet.org Kind Planet covers the rodent kingdom as well as lagamorphs and canines. Susie -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get a sneak peek of the all-new AOL.com.