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WWE News Bytes

March 7, 2008

by Sassy


Vince McMahon, John Cena, Y2J Chris Jericho and Floyd “Money” Mayweather are scheduled to be on Larry King Live, March 13, 2008.


Wrestlemania XXIV airs live on pay per view March 30, 2008.  It isn’t like anyone needs to tell you because if you watch Monday Night Raw, ECW on Tuesday, and Friday Night Smackdown, any and all of the WWE shows are one continuous commercial for Wrestlemania!


Wrestlemania XXIV card

WWE Championship Match

Randy Orton, Champion vs. John Cena vs. The Game Triple H


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

The Rated R Superstar Edge, Champion vs. The Undertaker


Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Mr. Kennedy vs. Y2 Chris Jericho vs. The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy, WWE Intercontinental Champion vs. Carlito


Career Threatening Match

Nature Boy Ric Flair vs. Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels


Raw vs. SmackDown Match

Umaga vs. The Animal Batista


Playboy BunnyMania

Candice Michelle & Maria vs. The Glamazon Beth Phoenix & Melina


John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Finlay


The Big Show vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr.


It is also being reported that Snoop Dogg will play an active role at Wrestlemania XXIV. 


The WWE 2008 Hall of Fame inductees to date are:

Peter Maivia, deceased, Grandfather of The Rock

Rocky Johnson, Father of The Rock

Nature Boy Ric Flair, only active wrestler ever inducted

Mae Young, semi retired


The last time we checked, there were still tickets available for the inductee ceremony.  For further information, visit  There were Internet hints that a few TNA members would be at the ceremony. TNA members will be there to honor Ric Flair and his contribution to the wrestling entertainment industry.  Kevin Nash is rumored to be one of the TNA members in attendance.  It has also been reported that Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall formerly known as WWE’s Razor Ramon will be there.


Spoiler rumors for Wrestlemania XXIV include The Game Triple H winning the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match since John Cena will be off filming his next movie during the summer months.  50 Cent will appear in Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.’s corner during his match with The Big Show.  I’ll have to admit I’ve enjoyed Mayweather’s appearances on WWE to date, even though I’m not big on a boxing match or MMA.  And you have to admit, at least Mayweather does DO something in the ring unlike Adam “Pacman” Jones who just stood around outside the ring, threw money in the air or ran away from his opponents. The Undertaker may be continuing his winning streak at Wrestlemania XXIV by taking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship away from The Rated R Superstar Edge. That would make Undertaker 16-0.


Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s via satellite transmission didn’t set well with the McMahon princess.  Stephanie was unhappy with the way Mayweather’s role was handled although her anger appears to have been at the director of the skit and not Mayweather himself.


A few weeks ago, Tommy Dreamer appeared at a live TNA event.  Since that time, Dreamer has been appearing in actual matches on WWE’s ECW. Coincidence? Everyone who is anyone reported the appearance.  TNA had it posted on their website but removed it shortly thereafter citing the fact that Dreamer was still under contract with WWE. 


It appears that when WWE dropped Ohio Valley Wrestling and moved to Florida Championship Wrestling, it ended up with too many wrestlers.  WWE has since released several of the developmental talent that had been in OVW.


Another release was Apollo who has been in legal trouble in his homeland for not paying child support.  He is currently listed as on the run when he did not show up for a court date and skipped out of town.


WWE developmental wrestler, Atlas DeBone, suffered a torn ligament in his knee at a WWE house show in January. He has been out of action since the injury.


Current reports indicate that Matt Hardy will be back in action in the WWE ring soon.  If he doesn’t appear prior to Wrestlemania XXIV, look for him to show at the pay per view event.


Kenny Dykstra, who has been out of action due to a knee injury, returned to the ring at a Florida Championship Wrestling event on March 4, 2008.


Ashley has reported via her MySpace site that she has not been released by WWE but suffered a hand injury and has not been medically cleared to return to work. She is scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon.


The Animal Batista is reported to be taking major backstage heat due to his attitude.  It is further reported that Batista spends more time with women and cars than he does wrestling. Back in 2006, Batista and King Booker went a few rounds because of Batista’s attitude. 


John Cena appears to be on the heat list right behind Batista. Cena made some negative comments about The Rock leaving wrestling and the roster members didn’t take kindly to his comments.


WWE has released the poster for Backlash.




In what may not be considered WWE news, the continuing saga of the Hulk Hogan divorce just can’t seem to stay out of the news.  Linda Bollea is now claiming that her soon to be ex has been using their son, Nick, to deliver messages to her regarding the divorce and she wants the court to stop Hulk from dragging Nick through their divorce mess. And if the Hogan children weren’t screwed up enough, Brook Bollea, daughter of Terry and Linda Bollea has admitted to the press that her father had an affair with one of her friends.


Former WWE and TNA wrestler Doug Basham is seeking independent bookings.  He can be reached for bookings or via his MySpace page


Lex Luger is now out of the hospital and back home recuperating from the paralysis he suffered as a result of nerve impingement on October 19, 2007, while in San Francisco, CA for an event.  Best wishes and continued improvement to Lex.