TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

October 22, 2007

by Sassy

Are We There Yet?

There is still no official word on whether or not Adam “Pacman” Jones is out of TNA. Initial reports indicated Jones would be out the door after Bound for Glory. We now hear they may bring him back in. For what it’s worth, Jones is no longer on the TNA official website’s Roster page. Fortunately for fans, the match at Bound for Glory put the TNA tag team titles in the hands of AJ Styles and Tomko – both of these men are actually wrestlers and deserve to wear the championship belts. Congrats to AJ and Tomko. If TNA does continue to tout Jones as being a part of TNA, it would be a bigger mistake than they have already made.

A New Note in the Continuing Saga of Adam “Pacman” Jones

Tommy Urbanski, the former pro wrestler who was paralyzed in the shooting incident involving Jones, is suing Jones and the NFL.  You can read the story here: Jones suspension from the NFL will now be the least of his worries. As anti lawsuit as I am, this is one lawsuit I am all for. Urbanksi’s life will never be the same, thanks to Jones and the “entourage” Jones travels with during his late night prowls.

Gail Kim First TNA Women’s Champion

And you can read the interview after the match with her here: I was impressed with Gail’s performance at Bound for Glory but, then again, she has never let the fans down in a match to date. Congrats to Gail on the win and the title.

Judas Mesias

TNA sent out mobile alerts telling their subscribers Judas Mesias is out indefinitely and until further notice since his injury during an AAA match in Mexico. Ouch. I try to do a lot of checking on new wrestlers in TNA and have watched several of Mesias’ AAA matches at I found two short videos of the dive that caused the injury. This guy is very good in the ring – all AAA matches appear to be “extreme” -- and I was hoping that he would be around TNA for some time. I wasn’t sure about the James Mitchell “monster” angle TNA was using but Mesias is used to being booed by the masses. After all, he is s a Puerto Rican wrestler working in Mexico.

This just in courtesy of Despite TNA issuing a mobile alert recently where they stated that Judias Mesias would be out of action indefinitely, Mesias (Ricky Banderas) returned to the ring at the AAA tapings on Thursday night in Aguascalientes according to The Wrestling Observer. There is no confirmation at this time on his return to TNA.

AAA TV Taping Result for October 18, 2007: Los Hell Brothers (Charly Manson/Chessman/Cibernetico) defeated Electroshock/El Mesias/Zorro (El Mesias aka Ricky Banderas aka Judas Mesias). I have not seen the match and therefore cannot say how involved Mesias was during the match.

TNA’s Drug Testing Policy

TNA wrestlers have been advised that drug testing will begin in two months.  Here’s a hint, everyone…you know it’s coming…if you are taking something you shouldn’t, get help and get clean.  Don’t do a WWE and wait to get caught.

TNA’s New Website Glitches

During the Bound for Glory pay per view, TNA’s new website went down. Here is the official TNA statement:

As many of you are aware, we recently launched the all-new website. This involved a complete redesign of the old site as well as a new server setup.

During Sunday's "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View event, the website experienced unprecedented visitors - and unfortunately, despite my best planning, our new server setup was not sufficient to meet the demand of the extreme traffic.

However, after working through several major technical issues in the past 24 hours, the site is back up and running.

I want to personally apologize to all of our loyal online fans for the website being down after the most successful event in our promotion's history.

On the plus side, the upcoming weeks will be exciting for the website - look for new sexy Knockout photos, more video from the TNA Video Game, a sneak preview of the upcoming "History Of TNA: Year 1" DVD as well as online voting for the TNA Year End Awards.

Enjoy this Thursday's "iMPACT!" on SpikeTV!

Bill Banks


While most sites are reporting it was due to traffic caused by the pay per view, I am of the opinion it was over the breaking story of the potential backstage rumble between Jeff Jarrett and the Angle Clan. Read on…

Jeff Jarrett versus The Angle Family

As we previously reported, there appears to be a power struggle going on between Jarrett and Angle regarding how TNA is run. The only thing Angle could have to complain about are the Mrs. and the lousy storyline we have been following. I’m all for Kevin Nash making a return to the ring, but at the expense of the fans having to continuously listen to Mr. and Mrs. Angle…that’s just a bit too much. Last week’s iMPACT didn’t lessen the time the Angles spent on the air. 

The latest report indicates the Angles, Carter and Vince Russo are all hanging together and it appears Kurt may get his wish to run the booking and storylines. Like he hasn’t already? Rumors are that the Angle family and the Carter family are very friendly and hang out together.

Kurt Couldn’t Get Brock, Maybe He Can Get Sable!

Sable did an interview recently where she came down hard on the WWE Diva search and mentioned that she and Brock Lesnar are still married and if she decides to get back into wrestling again, TNA might be an option. She says that right now she is happy just staying at home. Source: Sescoops.  Sorry, Kurt, better luck next time.

Kurt Angle Misses WrestleFanFest in San Francisco

It is being reported that Kurt Angle backed out of WrestleFanFest in SF due to a stomach virus. Promoter Chris Salsbury had paid for his tickets and accommodations. Angle apologized to his fans for missing the event.

Will The Angles Rehab Together?

Still no word on the DUI situation Angle got into but we hear that the Mrs. may have a drinking problem as well. It appears that the big party TNA hosted gave Karen Angle a chance to slam down a little more liquor than she should have. Word is that the rest of the TNA roster was not only unimpressed, they outright have different feelings toward the Angles now. Source: Wouldn’t you have liked to be a fly on the wall for that party? My advice to Angle: You should worry more about the Mrs. and less about trying to run TNA. The Angles have been forced to cancel more than one interview after Kurt Angle’s DUI arrest and now that the story has surfaced regarding Karen Angle, I wouldn’t want to be them trying to face the media in any way, shape or form. Just this week, the Angles were forced to cancel an interview scheduled on Bubba The Love Sponge Show. This certainly isn’t helping TNA.

Dixie Carter Partied Too

It is being reported that Carter was partying hardy at the same time Mrs. Angle was getting sloshed. Some reports indicate she was acting in a manner that was unbecoming the president of the company while other reports indicate she was showing that she could be just as normal as everyone else. Source: LordsofPain.

On Kevin Nash

It is being reported that Nash will be in the ring at the next TNA pay per view partnering in a match with Angle against Sting and an unknown partner. Rumor has it the match will be for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with the first pin fall creating the new champ.

Will Jeff Jarrett Return to the Ring? reports that Jarrett will be making a return to the ring although no definite date has been set.  They hint that he will be returning in a match versus Kurt Angle but that isn’t definite either.

This Week’s TNA iMPACT Ratings

This weeks ratings were a 1.0 slightly down from the 1.1 rating the week before.

What We Didn’t See at Bound for Glory

Electronic sign “TNA WRASLIN’”.

Joey Matthews and Johnny Swinger vs. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machineguns. Matthews was formerly known as Joey Mercury in WWE. Johnny Swinger’s name is Johnny Perisi.

Ms. Brooks took on a local DJ in a match.

Joey Matthews Signs With TNA

Although we are not certain about Swinger’s current TNA status, it appears Matthews has signed a contract with TNA. Source:  There are further reports that TNA wants the recently dethroned King Booker, now known a Booker T, into the picture. Keep an open mind, everyone, WWE has been granting releases of or firing a lot of their in ring talent. Booker T might not be the only one we hear about in the coming months.

Rasheed Lucius “Consequences” Creed

The identity of the wrestler who paired with Ron “The Truth” Killings at Bound for Glory is known as Austin Creed who is one half of the NWA Anarchy tag team champions. Source: TNAWrestlingNews. No word yet on whether or not Creed will be signed as a regular player in TNA.

2 Cold Scorpio

Was supposed to have been partnered with The Truth at Bound for Glory, however, he had previous commitments that prevented him from showing. We understand TNA is still talking with 2 Cold about coming in to join the TNA roster. Source: LordsofPain.

TNA in Talks With Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion

David Arquette is said to be in talks with TNA about a return to the ring. I have never seen Arquette in the ring with the exception of the moving “Ready to Rumble” which was quite funny.  Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T, and the Disco Inferno also appeared in the movie. Arquette is said to have contacted Johnny Fairplay of “Danny Bonaduce Hurt Me and I’ll SUE!” fame to be his manager. We understand Fairplay turned him down. Source:

Other Possible New Faces

TNA Mobile sent out an alert this week stating that the company is in talks with Scott Hall, Brian Christopher and Scotty 2 Hotty. Scott Hall has lost a lot of weight and has been wrestling in Puerto Rico. With Kevin Nash on the verge of signing a new contract with TNA to wrestle, there have been reports that Nash has been pushing TNA to bring in his former Outsiders partner. There have been rumors that TNA has talked to Sean Waltman, Sabu and Psycho Sid. One of the biggest names that could be headed to TNA is Rob Van Dam. Van Dam has been a free agent for several months and we can confirm that he's talked with TNA management about working for them. Source: I am familiar with all of the talents listed here. I was a big Scott Hall fans several years back. Sean Waltman, Sabu, Psycho Sid and RVD could certainly add a lot of talent to the TNA Roster.  I should add here that Booker T’s name is being thrown around as another possible addition to the TNA roster. I was under the impression from reports around several months ago that Booker wasn’t keen on continuing in the ring.

It was revealed that Hall and Nash recently cancelled an Indy appearance. Source: Upon further investigation, the duo cancelled due to not receiving money for travel.  It had nothing to do with not wanting to be there.

Others who backed out of appearances:  Vampiro (he was on the MTV wrestling show with Ricky Banderas aka Judas Mesias – and took the famous fireball in the face), Rey Misterio, Sr., Marty Jannetty, and Ken Shamrock are on the no-show list due to not receiving transportation money up front. The Rock 'n' Roll Express also pulled out due to problems with convention promoters. Dennis Condrey is also out. He flipped out, saying he wasn't going to be there and was upset that they were still advertising him.

According to these people were seen at the convention: Rikishi, Orlando Jordan, Scott Norton, Dawn Marie, Baby Doll, Brian Knobbs, Barry (Smash/Repo Man) Darsow, Sandman, Mean Gene Okerlund, Virgil, Ultimo Dragon (unmasked!) and MMA fighters Don Frye and Charles 'Crazy Horse' Bennett.

White Sox versus Tennessee Titans

Dixie Carter wanted to bring back White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski after the MLB season to do a storyline but was told by the Chicago media that they had no interest in covering him in TNA stories.

If he actually wrestled a match, their interest may change, but like with Pacman the White Sox wouldn’t let that happen. Source: TNAWrestlingNews

Robert Roode’s Fan Club President

She is women's wrestler Rain, who regularly competes in the SHIMMER promotion. Source: Rajah.

Last Week’s News Bytes

We reported last week Terry Taylor had sent a letter out to disgruntled TNA wrestlers telling them the exit door was open and they were welcome to leave. As of this News Bytes, we have no information on anyone taking Taylor up on his offer.

Current TNA Events

The Victory Road 2007 DVD will be released November 4, 2007.

Genesis Pay Per View is November 11, 2007.

November 15 and November 17, 2007, TNA will be in Tel Aviv, Israel at the Nokia Arena. Get your tickets at any ticket company box office or online at

TNA: Year 1 DVD to be released November 20, 2007. See TNA official website for details.

TNA Meltdown Entrance Music CD will be released on November 20, 2007  The CD will include themes for various performers on the TNA roster as well as the iMPACT! theme. List of Stars on the CD

Hernandez & Homicide of LAX

Petey Williams

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley of Motor City Machineguns

Black Reign

Kurt Angle

Wildcat Chris Harris

Black Machismo Jay Lethal

Lance Hoyt


Cowboy James Storm

Adam Pacman Jones

VKM (Voodoo Kin Mafia)

The Guru Sonjay Dutt

Team 3D


The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

The Maniacal Judas Mesias

Official Impact Theme

Turning Point Pay Per View is December 2, 2007. Orlando, FL.

TNA will be in Monterey, Mexico on December 14 and 15, 2007. Sting is scheduled to be on the card.

TNA Canada Schedule – house shows

Hull, December 28, 2007

Montreal, December 29, 2007

Quebec City, December 30, 2007

Final Resolution Pay Per View is January 6, 2008.

TNA iMPACT is taped at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

Information on all TNA television schedules, pay per views, house shows, merchandise and ticket information can be found at

Current TNA Talent Events

Jay Lethal, TNA’s Black Machismo, is scheduled to appear at Booker T’s PWA Halloween Havoc event in Pasadena, TX on October 24, 2007.

Samoa Joe is scheduled to be working with Pro Wrestling’s NOAH in Japan on October 25 and October 27, 2007.

Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Rahway, NJ on October 27, 2007, Low-Ki and Rhino are scheduled to appear along with Hernandez of LAX, Kaz, and AJ Styles. Visit JAPW’s website for further information: Low-Ki is the current JAPW champion.

Scott D’Amore and Gail Kim will be at The Funking Conservatory !BANG! TV on October 28. Follow this link for more information

Shelly Martinez will be at the AWS Store in Industry, CA on November 4, 2007.

The 6th Annual Elite 8 Women’s Tournament is November 10, 2007 at Mountainville Memorial Hall, Allentown, PA.  Miss Brooks and Roxxi Laveaux are scheduled to appear along with Angel Williams.

TNA stars Christopher Daniels, Senshi, Ron Killings, and Rhino will be appearing at New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ryogoku Arena, Tokyo, Japan, on November 11, 2007. Scheduled matches:

The War Machine Rhino vs. New Japan's Yano

The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels & The Warrior Senshi vs. New Japan's Minoru and Davitt

Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. New Japan's Tiger Mask

Miss Brooks and ODB are scheduled to do custom wrestling video shoots 11/16 to 11/18. You can check out more information about Lady Victoria's custom videos at Source:

Friday Night  Results from  WrestleFanFest

Steiners defeated the Dudleys. Dudleys

Gail Kim defeated Traci Brooks and Cheerleader Melissa

Blue Meanie & Al Snow defeated Luke Hawk & Alkatrazz

The Powers of Pain defeated Kamala & One Man Gang.

Slick and Francine accompanied The Powers of Pain to the ring.

Abyss & Sharkboy defeated Lance Hoyt & an unknown partner

Rikishi, Black Pearl & Gangrel defeated OJ, Gangsta X & Vic Grimes

32 man over the top Battle Royal featuring local talent and Chavo Guerrero Sr. -

Ultimo Dragon defeated Billy Kidman

Main Event: The Great Muta defeated Steve Corino and Sandman - Hardcore Match. DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) entered the ring at the end of the match.


October 20, 2007 - Results from New Japan

G1 Tag League: Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko defeated Jado & Gedo

If there is any news that we have missed, please email the Webmaster.

Not Necessarily TNA News

Lex Luger Suffers Stroke

Dave Meltzer reports Lex Luger suffered a stroke in his hotel room in San Francisco on October 19, 2007. Reports are that he has no feeling from the waist down. Lex Luger is 49 and his real name is Larry Pfohl.  Source:  He apparently was in town for the WrestleFanFest Kurt Angle and others backed out of as posted a few paragraphs up in this report. Latest reports have him hospitalized in stable condition at Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, CA – The hospital is not confirming or denying anything but Luger is rumored to have suffered stroke or a heart attack. We all wish Lex a speedy recovery. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE HOSPITAL IF YOU ARE NOT A RELATIVE!

Latest report courtesy of : The belief now is that Lex Luger suffered a nerve impingement in the neck that led to temporary paralysis. He is still at Stanford Hospital in stable condition.        

Nick Hogan

For those keeping up with the fate of Nick Hogan and his now disabled passenger, John Graziano, the police have released a report of the crash, including the diagram of the course the car took prior to the crash:

“Vehicle one was traveling east in the outside lane of travel of Court Street, east of South Missouri Avenue. Vehicle one lost control striking the outside curb of Court Street. Vehicle one spun 180 degrees prior to the impact, crossing both eastbound lanes of travel. Vehicle one jumped the center median in reverse and struck a large palm tree with the median of Court Street.”

Police are still waiting for pending blood test results.

JJ Dillon Has Knee Replacement

JJ Dillon underwent a total left knee replacement on October 17, 2007. He was to be hospitalized until October 21 and will be off work five to six weeks. Source:

Where Are They Now

Jerry Lynn appeared on Wrestling Weekly.  He talks about leaving TNA and his future plans in wrestling and music. You can hear it here: Jerry is currently working the Indy circuit. You can find out more about Jerry on his MySpace page: I was disappointed when Jerry walked away from TNA but he did have good reasons for going.




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