WWE News Bytes

WWE News Bytes

October 19, 2007

by Sassy

The State of Georgia is Looking to Make a Change

The Georgia State Athletic Commission wants to regulate pro wrestling again as a result of the Benoit tragedy.  One outspoken Commission Board Member, Cary Ichter, is representing Chris Benoit’s father in legal matters. Source: http://wrestlingtruth.com. 

Who’s Out

Teddy Hart and the Hart Foundation Go Up In Smoke

Teddy Hart has been booted from WWE just before the new “Hart Foundation” was to hit the big time.  The rumor mill says it was a fight with management that led to his departure; however, we understand Teddy has had problems with WWE authority in the past. No word yet on whether the other two Hart family members will be paired.

King Booker and Queen Sharmell

Are no longer with WWE.  Booker had removed referenced to WWE from his website and WWE made it official this week.  Booker released a statement that he did not do drugs and had taken nothing that had not been prescribed by a medical doctor, he had no illegal drugs in his system, and that it was basically easier to walk away than to fight the suspension he received. Booker further states that he was never on the Signature Pharmacy list and wants everyone to know that the rumors that he was are false. Booker has his wrestling school and Sharmell has previously stated that she wouldn’t miss WWE. According to www.angrymarks.com, the release date for the King and Queen is October 27, 2007. 

Daivari Requests Release

And he was given his release officially by WWE.  I never understood why he stayed as long as he did.  While I believe Daivari has talent, he was never allowed to use that talent.  He started out as a mouthpiece and never got any push in the ring as a wrestler.

Is Diva Kristal Out?

Kristal Marshall’s profile has been removed from the Smackdown roster on WWE’s official site. Originally it was believed that she would be on the Raw brand with real life boyfriend Bobby Lashley. Source: LordsofPain.

WWE Has Released 54 Wrestlers

For those keeping track, since January 18, 2007, WWE has released 54 wrestlers:

01-18-07: CW Anderson (ECW)

01-18-07: Danny Basham (ECW)

01-18-07: Doug Basham (ECW)

01-18-07: Carlene “Jazz” Begnaud (ECW)

01-18-07: Rodney “Mack” Begnaud (ECW)

01-18-07: David “Gangrel/Vampire Warrior” Heath (DSW)

01-18-07: Tony Mamaluke (ECW)

01-18-07: Mike Shane (DSW)

01-18-07: Todd Shane (DSW)

01-18-07: Sylvester Terkay (ECW)

01-19-07: Chris “Tatanka” Chavis (Smackdown)

01-20-07: Jack Bull (OVW)

01-20-07: Bill DeMott (DSW Trainer)

01-20-07: Ryan Reeves (OVW)

01-20-07: Seth Skyfire (OVW)

01-20-07: Tony Stradlin (DSW)

01-20-07: Tommy Suede (DSW)

01-20-07: Mike Taylor (DSW)

01-20-07: Tracy Taylor (DSW)

02-27-07: Andrew “Test” Martin (ECW)

03-21-07: Rebecca DiPietro (ECW)

03-26-07: Joey Mercury (Smackdown)

04-06-07: Jon Bolen (OVW)

04-06-07: James Rogers (OVW)

05-11-07: 2 Cold Scorpio (OVW)

05-11-07: Rob Conway (OVW)

05-15-07: Vito (DSW)

05-15-07: Sabu (ECW)

05-17-07: Angel Williams (OVW)

05-18-07: Ariel (ECW)

05-18-07: Scott Taylor (Smackdown)

05-18-07: Nick Mitchell (OVW)

05-19-07: Mark "Henry Godwinn" Canterbury (DSW)

06-22-07: Trinity (ECW)

07-26-07: Rene Dupree (FCW)

08-06-07: Aaron "Idol" Stevens (OVW)

08-13-07: Sylvain Grenier (Smackdown)

08-13-07: Shantelle Taylor (FCW)

08-22-07: Dan Rodimer (OVW)

08-31-07: Mike (Simon Dean/Nova) Bucci (WWE Talent Development Manager)

09-01-07: Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore (Smackdown)

09-02-07: Shad Gaspard (RAW)

09-02-07: Jayson “JTG” Paul (RAW)

09-11-07: The Sandman (RAW)

09-15-07: Sonny Siaki (FCW)

09-19-07: Monty Brown (ECW)

10-04-07: Keith Walker (FCW)

10-10-07: Krissy Vaine (Smackdown)

10-10-07: Ryan O'Reilly (FCW)

10-11-07: Teddy Hart (FCW)

10-13-07: Robert Gibson (OVW Trainer)

10-16-07 (10-27-07): Booker T (RAW)

10-16-07 (10-27-07): Sharmell (RAW)

10-16-07: Shawn Daivari (RAW)

Source: http://wrestlingnews.wrestling-radio.com

Latest Diva Out

Taryn Tarrell is the latest contestant in the Diva Search to be given her walking papers.

Who’s In?

Former WWF Tag Team Champion Carl Ouellet was on hand for a dark match in the UK against Tommy Dreamer. Ouellet was recently employed doing French language voiceovers for TNA. He quit that job to do a tour of the UK.

Harry Smith worked a dark match against Carlito for the Raw/Heat taping in England. He won the match.

Kelli Muraco, the daughter of 80s WWF star Don Muraco, wants to break into the wrestling business. She talked with Johnny Ace and will have a WWE tryout soon.

Source: www.lordsofpain.net.

Ric Flair’s WWE Status

WWE has removed “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair from the Friday Night SmackDown opening. However, he is still listed on the SmackDown roster page and in the clip montage that airs at the beginning of all WWE programming. Flair’s WWE status has remained up in the air for several weeks as there are some unknown issues between him and company officials. Source: www.rajah.com.

ECW and Smackdown to Merge?

AngryMarks reports that ECW and Smackdown appear to be merging.  We note that Kane appeared on ECW this past week and have felt that the one-hour ECW had turned into a comic version of wrestling.  WWE never treated ECW with the respect that it deserved. The feeling around the wrestling world was that anyone sent to ECW felt they were being shot down a notch or two. After the round with Tony Atlas, I’m sure CM Punk is feeling low. Since the rosters have been down on both Smackdown and Raw and the more wrestlers we see asking for releases from WWE or WWE releasing talent, it makes the shows a little on the bare side.

And Speaking of the Atlas-Punk Showdown

Atlas and Punk are still employed but Robert Gibson is not. Some sites hint that Gibson is the one who instigated the confrontation between Atlas and Punk. Some sources indicate even Al Snow took some heat for the altercation but Gibson is the one who is out the door. Gibson is a former member of Rock ‘n Roll Express.

There is an informative article on the problems with ECW written in the National Ledger here: http://www.pwbts.com/messages/12859.htm.

Ryan O’Reilly and Krissy Vaine

The couple that requested releases from WWE last week due to family and work conflicts is not completely gone from WWE.  O’Reilly made an impression on Vince McMahon and he will be working several Raw shows just to keep him in the public eye.

Cassidy James Gets a Major Break

James suffered a broken arm in a match against the Major Brothers.  He will be out of action for six weeks or so while his arm heals. Source: ProWrestlingFans.

Raw Live in Birmingham – UK

The fans that showed up for the live show had their signs confiscated. Despite WWE claims that the mass confiscation was not their fault, a worker at the National Indoor Arena told us the banners were removed due to a draconian list of do's and don'ts provided by the federation. Source: www.pwbts.com. WWE appeared to be particularly sensitive to signs that made reference to King Booker or Queen Sharmell.

Bobby Lashley Makes Hall of Fame

Bobby Lashley was admitted into the Missouri Valley College Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday, October 13th. Lashley was a member of the 1997 MVC wrestling team. Source: www.ewrestlingnews.com.

The Cyber Sunday Line Up

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs.

Fans Choice: Shawn Michaels, Mr. Kennedy or Jeff Hardy

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista vs. The Undertaker

Fans Choice of a Referee: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, JBL or Mick Foley

ECW Championship: CM Punk vs.

Fans Choice: Big Daddy V, John Morrison or The Miz

Triple H vs. Umaga

Fans Choice Of Match Type: Steel Cage, Street Fight or First Blood

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay

Fans Choice Of Match Type: Stretcher Match, No Disqualification or Shillelagh On A Pole

Matt Hardy vs. MVP

Fans Choice Of Match Type: Boxing Match, Wrestling Match or Mixed Martial Arts Match

NOTE: We understood Triple H would not be at Cyber Sunday, but he is now listed for the match with Umaga.  Our apologies for the previous report.

WWE Ratings

Monday Night Raw did a 3.3 cable rating this week bringing it up from last week’s 2.8 rating.

This week’s ECW did it’s normal 1.2 cable rating this week.

Batista’s New Book

Batista’s book is out there for sale.   WWE has an excerpt or two on their site. You won’t get a review from me because I don’t intend to purchase the book.  I read about wrestling, not how many women the author has managed to sleep with.  Batista has made it known that he and Melina are in a relationship at the present time.  Melina’s last relationship was with John Morrison who is now on ECW. I wonder where Batista will be sent when he and Melina decide to end the relationship?

Another note on coworker dating:  Maria told a British publication that she and CM Punk broke up about four months ago but, for whatever reason, that was not made public. No word from Punk regarding the relationship or the breakup.

Rey Mysterio Taking Care of Business

The story can be read here: http://www.pwbts.com/messages/12825.htm. And this writer suggests you read the entire article. While Batista is bragging about his bedroom antics, Mysterio is out there working with and for the fans.  I have never been an over the top Rey Mysterio fan but I think I may be now.

Not Necessarily WWE  News

The former personal physician of the late Chris Benoit, Dr. Phil Astin III, filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Astin went broke largely due to mounting legal bills following him after being indicted after the Benoit family tragedy.  Source: Rajah.com.

Original Great Kabooki passes away

Rey Urbano, who painted his face and called himself the Great Kabooki in the early 1970s, passed away yesterday at a nursing home in Las Vegas.

Urbano was not a major star with the gimmick, that he used into the early 80s when he retired from the ring. At about the same time Urbano's career was winding down, Gary Hart took the gimmick and accelerated it, adding nunchakus, a wig, the green mist and martial arts for Akihisa Mera, who became an international star as the Great Kabuki.

Source: www.wrestlingobserver.com.

Where Are They Now

Booker T Is Making Appearances

Just last WWE Bytes, I wrote that I felt like I should be adding Booker T to this section. And here he is:

His first stop will be at Brother Devon’s 3D Power Blends in Melbourne, FL.

His second stop will be 15 1882 North Wickham Road in Melbourne on October 20th from 3pm to 6pm. For more information you can 321-254-9057. Source: www.ProWrestlingFans.com.

For more information on Booker T and Sharmell, visit www.bookertonline.com.

I mentioned adding Ric Flair as well but since we have no word yet on his official WWE employment status…

The Rock Is In

The Rock was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame this past week. The Rock garnered 86% of the vote. A wrestling figure needs 60% to get in. He heads a list of three inductees this year, the other two being late 1800s star Evan "Strangler" Lewis and St. Louis wrestling promoter Tom Packs. WWE star Rey Mysterio was also eligible for induction this year, but he only tallied 41% of the total vote. Source: ProWrestlingFans.

The Iron Sheik Show on Sirius channel 101

You can read about it here: http://www.wrestleview.com/news2006/1192606542.shtml

Shawn Daivari

Daivari is already taking bookings as independent wrestler.  Please contact bookdaivari@hotmail.com with all inquiries or you can check out www.shawndaivari.com for more information on Daivari. Please note that bookdaivari@hotmail.com is for business inquiries only. No personal/fan mail will be forwarded to Shawn Daivari.

Response from Ariel

Who made her TNA debut during the Bound for Glory pay per view this month, she is  NOT doing a porn movie, however, she has done some fetish photos. 

Rob Van Dam and Christy Hemme

Rob Van Dam and Christy Hemme will be at the Armageddon Expo in New Zealand.

The Sandman In EWF

Former ECW Champion The Sandman is scheduled to be appearing on the January 5th EWF show in Marion, IN.

Joey Matthews Goes to TNA

Formerly of WWE with John Morrison and Melina, Joey Matthews appears to have signed up with TNA. Source: www.gerweck.net.

Teddy Hart Not Idle

Teddy Hart was announced by promoter Devon Nicholson to be wrestling for the PWA in Calgary on October 19th in a main event tag team match - Teddy teams with Kid "Hannibal" Nichols to face AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Source: ProWrestlingBetweenThe Sheets.

Bret Hart Interview

You can read it here: http://www.pwbts.com/messages/12795.htm. It’s McLean’s “The Concussion Time Bomb”.

Lance Storm Receives Letter from Congress

Lance received a letter from Congress.  It is not a notice to appear, it was a general inquiry. Source: Gerweck. Lance has been outspoken regarding the wrestling world.  It would be nice to know what he may or may not be saying to Congress.

Tito Santana Appearance

WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana Returns to the Ring October 27-28:

IWF Evil Intentions Weekend Live Events at IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

Source: www.gerweck.net.

Rob Conway With PWR

Rob will be appearing at the first PWR Annual William Brown Memorial Wrestling Show on November 24, 2007. It’s a benefit – call (812)764-4045 for information and tickets.

Source: LordsofPain.

Chris Jericho on Chris Benoit

Jericho talks about writing his book and how it was finished this year – then came the Benoit tragedy.  Jericho says that the Chris Benoit that ended so many lives was not the man that he had grown to know and care about. Source: www.pwmania.com.

Cryme Tyme’s Next Appearance

Former WWE tag team Cryme Tyme will be debuting at a New Jersey All Pro Wrestling show on October 27th. AJ Styles, Rhino, Homicide, Low Ki/Senshi, Jay Lethal, and Kaz are also booked for the show, all members of TNA will be there. Source: www.2xzone.com.

Sabu Update

Sabu is scheduled to be going against Brett Idol at the PCW Arena in Arlington, TX this Saturday night. Source: www.pwunleashed.com.

Bobby Heenan Has Jaw Surgery

Bobby Heenan recently had part of his jaw replace with part of the bone from his hip. Source: ProWrestlingFans.

“Hart Nation” Reality Show

The Hart Nation is a reality show currently in the works featuring the ex-wife and children of Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Source: www.pwbts.com.

Chris Jericho Book Signing in Florida

Wrestling star Chris Jericho will be signing book on its publication date, October 25th , at Barnes & Noble Carrollwood, 11802 N. Dale Mabry Highway, at 7 pm in Tampa, Florida. Source: ProWrestlingBetweenTheSheets.

Jessica Hatch Trains With Booker T

Jessica Hatch of Diva Search fame is presently training at Booker T’

Wrestling Bodyslam . Com