October 16, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

ECW is being broadcast from the United Kingdom on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Ringside announcers: Joey Styles and Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

We open with an announcement there will be a three on two Handicap Match tonight.  It will be John Morrison teaming up with Big Daddy V and The Miz against CP Punk and an unknown partner.

Styles reminds us it is less than two weeks until Cyber Sunday

John Morrison enters the arena with a big push on his ďrock star lookĒ, slo mo and lots of wind blowing his hair.

Styles also reminds us that at Cyber Sunday, fans can choose CM Punkís opponent.  The choices are V, Morrison and Miz.

Morrison is now in the ring with mic in hand. Morrison does not get a warm welcome from the UK crowd. Morrison is pushing fans to choose him to take on Punk at Cyber Sunday. We see a video recap of Morrison vs. Punk last week so that Morrison can show us how bad he is. Take that last comment any way you choose. Morrison reminds us that he beat Punk last week and that Morrison is the Tuesday Night Delight, the New Face of Extreme, and the Shaman of Sexy Ė all to the ďYou SuckĒ chants from the crowd. The Miz appears with a mic in order to push his character and his ďchick magnetĒ routine. Pardon me while I throw up. Of the two, Iíd have to choose Morrison here. Miz wants the fans to vote for him on Cyber Sunday. One on one trash talking continues in the ring. Morrison says he is bigger than anyone in the ECW, which, of course, brings Big Daddy V and Matt Stryker to the ring. Stryker is there to talk for V and to convince everyone to vote for V against Punk at Cyber Sunday. V has more tattoos every time I see him Ė talk about being addicted to ink!

CM Punk enters the arena and the fans go wild. He walks to the ring with mic in hand. Punk says that every last vote counts, even Punkís vote. Punk says that V crushed his ribs, Morrison capitalized on the injury and beat Punk last week and then tells Miz that nobody likes him.  Unfortunately for Miz, that is true. Punk tells everyone he has a match tonight against the three men in the ring and that Armando Estrada, the ECW General Manager, said that Punkís partner could be anyone of Punkís choosing, however, his partner did not have to be from ECW. Punk then introduces his tag team partner Ė long pause Ė and Kane enters the arena. Punk waits until Kane nears him on the ramp before heading to the ring.

We have a referee in the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, the bell rings and itís the Handicap Tag Team Match

CM Punk & Kane


Big Daddy V., John Morrison & The Miz

Audience favorites: CM Punk & Kane

My favorites: CM Punk & Kane

Winners: CM Punk and Kane Ė Kane choke slams and pins Miz for the three count.

Itís good to see Kane getting some in ring action here even if it is in ECW. Punk is always good in the ring, taped ribs or not, and with the exception of V, Punk should be able to hold onto that title belt at Cyber Sunday without breaking a sweat. Kane impresses me as well no matter what opponent he is working against. In this case, Morrison and Miz donít have a chance against the Big Red Machine. Miz has never impressed me in or out of the ring. Morrison is good but Punk is better. There is no doubt in my mind that Punk could be extreme if he were allowed to do so. If I decide to vote Ė and Iím not certain that I will Ė the best opponent of these three for CM Punk would be Morrison. But I donít want WWE to hand the title back to Morrison.

Commercial break during the match Ė of course.

Back from commercial break.

Not a bad opening match. A lot of in ring action. Punk and Kane worked well together and Miz got pinned.

The ringside announcers remind us again about the Cyber Sunday fan voting and they name off the main matches.

We see the instant replay highlights of the match we just saw.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a video of one of the pubs in the UK and we are shown a recap of the first match of the night Ė and so far itís the only match of the night.

Miz and Morrison are backstage arguing about who the biggest loser is and Morrison wants a match against Miz in order to prove who should be the fanís choice for the match against CM Punk. Miz says he just got choked slam by Kane and he isnít going to be in another match and then he sends Morrison to the floor with a sucker punch. After Morrison is on the floor, Miz agrees to the match.

We again are shown the recap from last week that contains the ongoing feud between Miz and Balls Mahoney and Mahoneyís attempt to date Kelly Kelly. As I said last week, in a fair fight, the teddy bear could have beat Miz.

Balls Mahoney is backstage complaining about Mizís interference with Mahoneyís attempt to date Kelly Kelly. Kelly appears to ask Mahoney to go out with her and they leave the area together after Mahoney gives her a big hug.

Armando Estrada and Vicky Guerrero are both backstage in order to make deals regarding bringing Smackdown stars to ECW and sending ECW stars to Smackdown. Jess and Festus appear in order to compete on ECW. Estrada tells them they have a match up next.

Diva search update promo before we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we get a promo of next Monday Night Raw.

Nunzio & Elijah Burke, combined weight of 406 lbs.


Jesse & Festus, combined weight of 505 lbs.

Audience favorites: Iím not sure

My favorites: Iím not sure

Winners: Jesse & Festus after Jesse pins Nunzio

Nunzio is a talented guy but no matter which WWE show he lands on, he never gets a chance to strut his stuff.  Heís not a large wrestler, but he can wrestle yet he keeps being the beat down guy to put over everyone else.  Iím a Burke fan in the ring, too.  Heís good and Iím surprised he wasnít one of the choices against Punk at Cyber Sunday. Jesse and Festus havenít been around long enough for me to be able to judge them, but they seem to do a good job in the ring. 

We see a recap of the first match of the evening and then a reminder that it will be Morrison vs. Miz next and then a Cyber Sunday promo.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a recap of Monday Night Raw and the poor guy getting beat up by Umaga.  As far as Iím concerned, seeing the three matches with Umaga on Monday night once was one time too many. This was actually just a big push for the Cyber Sunday match Umaga versus Triple H.

Tazz has his laptop and shows everyone how easy it is for fans to cast their votes.

The Miz, weighing 231 lbs., from Cleveland, OH


John Morrison, weighing 220 lbs, from Los Angeles, CA

Audience favorite: Iím not sure

My favorite: If I have to pick, itís John Morrison

Winner: We donít know because V interrupted the match.

Chants of CM Punk are heard throughout this match. After this match, I am still of the opinion that Morrison is much better than Miz. My problem with Morrison is the Morrison persona itself and the fact that Morrison was suspended for being on the Signature Pharmacy client list. V and Stryker interrupt the match, which means no one gets to win. V slams Miz, then Morrison in order to promote himself for Cyber Sunday.



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