August 2, 2007

Commentary in italics by Sassy

Tonight in the iMPACT zone, we see Samoa Joe in the back area striding with a purpose. We then see last week’s end to the match between Robert Roode with Miss Brooks and Sting with Eric Young who steps in to give Sting a helping hand. We switch to Abyss being dragged under the ring during his match with AJ Styles who partnered with anyone and everyone Christian Cage could get involved in the match.

We are now with Jim Cornette, Christian, AJ, Tomko and Jeremy Borash.  Mr. Cornette appears to be unhappy and is questioning Christian about last week’s Abyss match.  Christian swears he was not involved with what happened to Abyss.  Cornette tells Christian there will be a match between Christian and AJ against Sting and Abyss – not just any match – a ladder match.  There will be a contract for Christian versus Abyss over the ring.  If Christian and AJ win the match, they can tear up the contract but if Abyss or Sting gets the contract, not only will Christian be in a match with Abyss, Abyss will be able to pick the rules used in that match.  Perhaps Christian will have better luck arguing with Cornette if he stops calling him “Jimbo”.

We then see Kurt Angle with his daughter and his wife, Karen. Karen is carrying Kurt’s championship belts.  We assume that the little girl is Kurt’s daughter but we are not certain because Kurt is calling her “little girl”. 

Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) vs. Wildcat Chris Harris & Showtime Eric Young

The match begins with Wildcat facing off with Devon.  Ray seems to have a problem getting out of the ring and distracts Wildcat just enough for Devon to get in the first swing.  Devon connects and Harris goes down to the mat. Devon then stomps on Wildcat before Wildcat gets up and receives several fists to the face.  Across the ring, off the ropes and Wildcat ducks Devon’s clothesline coming off the opposite ropes to catch Devon and take him down. Wildcat takes Devon down again with a bulldog face plant from the corner to the center of the ring.  Foot to the abdomen and Wildcat holds Devon straight up in the air and brings him down with a high vertical suplex.  Wildcat goes for the pin and only gets a two count.  With Devon in a wristlock, Wildcat tags in Eric.  Devon tags in Ray to face Eric. Ray delivers a knee to the midsection and a fist to Eric’s face.  Arm drags by Eric and a drop kick delivered to Ray.  Devon comes in to help Ray and Eric responds with a hip toss and an arm drag sending Devon out onto the ring floor. Ray tries to blindside Eric but Eric catches him with three fists before Ray sends him across to the ropes.  Devon, still on the floor, trips Eric and sends him to the mat. A clothesline from behind by Ray sends Eric to the mat.  Ray uses a boot and the ropes to choke Eric before the referee makes him break the hold.  Ray gives Eric an elbow to the back of the head before sending him face first into the corner ring post. Ray makes the tag to Devon who backs Eric into the corner and uses his fist to take him down before holding him down with a boot.  Devon makes the tag and both men are in the ring.  They toss Eric into the ropes and Eric comes off the ropes with a dual dropkick, taking down Devon and Ray. As Eric tries to get to Wildcat to tag, Wildcat is forced to leap from the apron ring to avoid a chair swung by Dustin Rhodes. Dustin misses Wildcat and hits the ring post.  Wildcat goes after him on the floor. Meanwhile in the ring, Eric is left without a partner and Ray comes after him boot first.  Eric manages to sidestep the boot and Ray’s momentum sends him into the ropes. Eric tries for the roll up but only gets a two count before Ray kicks out. Devon makes his way back into the ring and Eric gets hit with the Double D. Ray picks Eric up again and Devon comes off the rope hitting him with a spike pile driver.  Ray gets the win.

The match is over, Robert Roode and Miss Brooks appear coming down the ramp to the ring.  After the commercial break, we come back to see Roode with Eric on the floor stomping on Eric.  He says no one embarrasses Robert Roode and he “tar and feathers” Eric with the help of Miss Brooks.

Team 3D have become popular heels and the crowd doesn’t hesitate to let them know how they feel about Ray and Devon. Team 3D still works well together and they take every opportunity to goad the audience into giving them the appropriate reaction.  Wildcat Harris didn’t get a chance to show off very much of his wrestling skills thanks to Dustin Rhodes and I, for one, am still waiting to see Dustin arrive at ringside in wrestling attire and not his suit. Eric Young gave us some great action and he and Wildcat got positive approval from the crowd.  I have never seen the “tar and feather” routine used by Roode that I recall but I can say it is different and three wasn’t bloodletting involved.

We are backstage with Jeremy and Samoa Joe. Joe tells us he has been training all week in order to beat Angle in their upcoming Hard Justice match. Jeremy tells Joe Kurt’s family is there but Joe says he will go through anyone to get to Kurt.

We are backstage after the commercial break with Jeremy, Kurt and Karen Angle.  Kurt asks Karen if she would like a cup of coffee and she says she would love some.  Kurt tells her it is right over there and to get it herself because she can use the exercise.  Jeremy then tells Kurt that he has talked to Samoa Joe and Joe says he will go through Kurt’s family to get to him.  Kurt laughs and says that it’s happened before and that’s what they are here for.  Kurt’s daughter asks for a candy bar and Kurt asks her if she wants to be fat like Samoa Joe or if she wants to have thunder thighs like her Mommy. Karen then says, “Excuse me” and Kurt calls her thunder thighs again and tells her she has more rolls on her than a bakery.  He tells her there are many women who want to be Mrs. Kurt Angle and then tells her to come along and bring their daughter roly-poly along with her.


Triple X (Senshi and The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels with Elix Skipper) vs. The Guru Sonjay Dutt and Black Machismo Jay Lethal

Before the bell rings, Skipper exits the ring, Senshi goes after Lethal and Daniels goes after Sonjay. The bell rings and Sonjay sends Daniels in Lethal’s direction, Lethal sends Daniels over the ropes to the floor.  Senshi goes over to see about Daniels giving Lethal and Sonjay time to regroup. They use a double drop kick to send Senshi onto the floor with Daniels.  Sonjay goes over the top rope to take out Senshi and Daniels, but they catch him in midair.  Lethal takes a suicide dive through the second rope to take all three out at once. Lethal and Sonjay are up, Lethal takes Senshi back into the ring and the camera pans to Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin at the end of the entrance ramp, Shelley with his Paparazzi Productions camera in hand.  Senshi sends Lethal into the ropes then jumps over Lethal as he comes at him. As Lethal comes back at Senshi with a fist, Senshi goes down to the mat holding his ankle. As the referee checks on Senshi, Daniels enters the ring and nails Lethal with an elbow.  Senshi is back on his feet while Sonjay complains to the referee about what just took place. Senshi tags in Daniels and they double team Lethal in their corner. Daniels goes for the pin but only gets a one count. Daniels chokes Lethal with a boot, picks him up and knocks him into the ropes.  Lethal comes up swinging, working back and forth between Senshi and Daniels.  Lethal has the upper hand as he swings at Daniels but Daniels counters and sends Lethal into the ropes instead.  Lethal stops himself from going back at Daniels, but Daniels gets Lethal up on his shoulder as Senshi enters the ring, going to the top rope and coming off to catch Lethal with a dropkick. Daniels goes for the pin but doesn’t get it. Daniels has Lethal in a headlock. Lethal goes off the ropes, ducks Daniels’s swing, stops himself on the ropes as Daniels goes for the dropkick and misses.  Lethal does a somersault going past Daniels and Sonjay gets the tag. Sonjay takes down Daniels with a flying head scissors as Senshi enters the ring. Sonjay catches Senshi with several hits, before Senshi sends Sonjay into the ring post. Sonjay slides through the ropes, sending Senshi into the corner post as Sonjay goes to the top rope to come down on the back of Senshi’s head with a leg drop. Daniels gets hit in the chest as Sonjay comes once again off the top rope, landing on Daniels’ chest. Sonjay goes for the pin, gets a two count. Sonjay hits Daniels with a series of punches sending Daniels to the mat, but Senshi comes into the ring, hitting Sonjay in the back and sending him into the ropes. Sonjay ducks out of the way and hits Senshi with a shot to the stomach, then takes him down to the mat. Daniels is getting up in the other corner as Lethal climbs to the top turnbuckle.  Skipper shows up on the ring apron and sends Lethal to the floor. Sonjay turns his attention to Skipper and as he turns back around, Daniels hits Sonjay with a clothesline. Daniels body slams Sonjay to the mat as Senshi goes up to the top rope, coming down with both boots in Sonjay’s chest.  Daniels goes off the top rope and hits Sonjay with the BME, getting the pin and the win.

After the match, Sabin and Shelley have words with Triple X before cutting to Abyss and Sting.

I always feel like I’m writing a novel when I cover a match like this.  There is so much action it is difficult to keep up.  Triple X seems to be doing well as a tag team and the crowd appears to be split in their loyalty.  Senshi’s movements are quick and certain.  Daniels is Daniels and his performances are always first rate.  Skipper wasn’t a part of this match but he seems to be melding in with his partners. Sonjay is always a crowd pleaser.  I have heard rumors Sonjay have a problem with one of his shoulders but you certainly couldn’t tell it by his performance. He’s the same athletic high flyer we always see in the ring.  Jay Lethal may be the youngest performer in the ring, but he does his job well.  

Okay, TNA, I have to say this.  If I’m watching one of these fast paced matches and the TNA text message ad shows up at the bottom of the screen and takes my attention and blocks my view, I am not a happy viewer.  I don’t mind the ads and I know people need to know about the text messaging, but if you will stop messing with the matches, I’ll ask the Webmaster if we can run a weekly TNA text message ad at a reasonable price.

Sting tells Tomko and AJ that he and Abyss may just have a surprise of their own.  Abyss speaks to Christian and tells him retribution begins tonight. 

We are now with Kurt and Karen Angle, Kevin Nash and Jeremy Borash in a backstage office room.  Kurt tells Dr. Nash he wants him to analyze his wife.  Kurt accuses Karen of checking out Nash and Nash’s package.  He tells Nash she is a slut.  Kurt says Karen’s makeup looks like a circus clown. Nash tells Kurt he can probably squeeze Karen in on Monday and Kurt tells Nash that he will need grease in order to be able to squeeze her in through the doorway. Karen tells Kurt that she can’t do it on Monday because she has a doctor’s appointment, but Kurt says she will do this on Monday and that the liposuction can wait.  Karen tells Dr. Nash that wrestlers are all alike.

Ladder To Get The Contract Match:  Christian Cage & AJ Styles vs. Abyss & Sting


Before the bell rings, Abyss goes after Christian and Sting goes after AJ outside the ring. The bell rings and AJ and Abyss are facing off in the ring.  AJ gets a boot to the face courtesy of Abyss.  Christian has entered the ring and Abyss has both Christian and AJ set up for choke slams but he takes too long and they kick their way out. Christian and AJ come off the ropes and Abyss takes them out with a clothesline. Sting goes up to the top turnbuckle and takes Christian and AJ down again, with both of them rolling out of the ring onto the floor. AJ and Christian go for a ladder outside the ring and Abyss and Sting go out onto the floor after them, sending them back into the ring. Sting and Abyss get the ladder across the ring apron.  Christian and AJ baseball slide to knock the ladder away but the ladder is moved and they go out onto the floor.  As they get back to their feet, Abyss and Sting come at them with the ladder, taking them down to the floor again. Abyss and Sting slide the ladder into the ring.  After the commercial break, all four wrestlers are back in the ring, Abyss is down and Christian and AJ go toward Sting with the ladder.  Sting gets his feet up, knocking the ladder back into Christian and AJ taking them both down to the mat.  Recap of what happened during the commercial break:  AJ and Christian are trapped behind the ladder in the corner with Sting and Abyss taking turns running into the ladder.  Back to the match and Sting is on his way up the ladder to retrieve the contract, Christian gives Sting several hits to the back before he goes up the other side of the ladder. They meet at the top and Sting and Christian trade blows before Sting takes Christian down in a bulldog off the top of the ladder. Sting sets the ladder back up and starts up the ladder as AJ comes off the top rope, hitting Sting and sending him to the floor. AJ sets the ladder up and starts up the ladder and Abyss goes up the other side.  Abyss gets AJ by the throat and choke slams him off the ladder to the floor.  Tomko comes down the ramp and enters the ring as Abyss has his hand out to reach the contract. Tomko hits Abyss in the back with a chair-sending Abyss to the floor.  Tomko adjusts the ladder and starts to climb. Andrew Martin, formerly known as Test, comes down the ramp heading for the ring as Tomko is helping Christian up the ladder.  Martin goes after Tomko.  Christian is on the top of the ladder when Martin knocks Tomko into the ladder knocking it over.  Christian goes out over the top rope and onto the floor. Martin takes down Tomko with a boot then sends him over the top rope to the floor.  AJ comes off the top rope heading for Martin, Sting and Abyss but Martin catches him and throws him over the top rope into Tomko and Christian.  Abyss goes up the ladder and gets the contract.

All I can say is:  What a match!  The men in this match worked hard and fast and kept all eyes glued to the television screen.  Everyone was on top of his game and it showed.  AJ is the true high flyer of this group but there was so much action in and out of the ring it was simply riveting.  Andrew Martin is in fine form and could make a spectacular foil for Tomko.  Christian and AJ managed took some spectacular hits and falls in this match. 

We are backstage with Sting, Abyss and Martin.  Martin has aligned himself with Sting and Abyss and he is now going by the name The Punisher.

We are in the ring with Kurt and Karen Angle so that Kurt can tell us how he is the most misunderstood man in wrestling and he tells us what a loving, caring and compassionate father and husband he is.  He tells Karen he knows how difficult it must be for her to live with a champion and asks here how it feels to be married to the most loving, caring and compassionate man in the world.  Karen refuses to answer and after he harasses her, he tells the crowd that he will speak for himself when Samoa Joe appears at the top of the ramp and informs the crowd that Kurt is a horses’ ass. Kurt then hides behind Karen keeping her between himself and Joe.  Karen steps away from Kurt and moves in front of Joe to tell Kurt that 12 years of living with Kurt has been a living hell. In a tearful voice, she tells Kurt how terrible he has treated her and his family.  Joe is enjoying what he is hearing.  Kurt tells her to shut her mouth and Joe gets in Kurt’s face.  Joe tells Karen he wants to hear what she has to say. Karen tells Kurt she is sick of his titles, his attitude and his arrogance and that she is sick most of all of his stupid gold medals.  Karen then tells Kurt their marriage is officially over.  Kurt demands that she get back in the ring.  Joe takes the microphone away to tell Kurt that he will have nothing left but the clothes on his back after Hard Justice and then lays into Kurt to tear off his Armani suit. Kurt rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp. Joe keeps Kurt's championship belts.

All in all this iMPACT was a great build up for Hard Justice.  A little too much talk for me but the gimmicks were interesting. I’m certain the women in the TNA fan base whom their spouses or significant others have mentally abused will be chomping at the bit for Kurt to get a good beating by Joe.   Kurt manages a good whining heel.  I understand that Karen and Kurt’s daughter played themselves and outside personnel were not used.  Kurt could have called Karen anything but fat and I might have bought it.  Overweight she is not. Kevin Nash hasn’t gotten around to showing us his medical diploma.  The doctor angle gimmick may wear thin soon.  I was a little disappointed Sabin and Shelley didn’t mix it up outside the ring with Triple X after the match.  It looked like it could happen. Elix Skipper hasn’t seen enough action to date.  I would like to him get more time in the ring.  The anticipation of Dustin Rhodes getting into the ring – against the Wildcat -- makes me not want to wait until Hard Justice. I was surprised James Mitchell wasn’t involved in this show.  I miss the evildoer and his mouth. 

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