WWE Monday Raw

WWE Monday Raw

October 8, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

This is the first Raw after No Mercy. It is my understanding from reading reviews of the No Mercy pay per view that it was a waste of money and their time. I was not impressed with the Randy Orton Ė Triple H show. In fact, several sites reported that the glory of the title belt was compromised with the back and forth win/lose script and even hinted that itís been done before.

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from Grand Rapids, MI.

Ringside announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Ring announcers:  Lillian Garcia and Justin Roberts

We open with Mr. McMahon coming to the ring. McMahon says that he is a man of his word and he proved it last night at No Mercy.  He guaranteed that there would be a new WWE champion and that we did and that we had three WWE championship matches at No Mercy.  Hey Vince Ė they were all the same opponents! We see a recap of the Orton/Triple H title feud, oh, yeah, there was that one match with Umaga. Did Orton need a break?  McMahon also says that history will be made right here tonight. McMahon wants everyone on the roster in the arena tonight. They are going to shake the hand of the new WWE champion. The next time the title will be defended will be Cyber Sunday. Then we hear Triple Hís music and he enters the arena. I do like Triple Hís music. Triple H tells McMahon the fans donít care about Cyber Sunday, they care about tonight and just like Orton did last night, Triple H is invoking his rematch clause.  Triple H wants his rematch tonight. McMahon doesnít think he should make the match, but tonight it will be Triple H against Randy Orton. McMahon leaves the ring and then says that it will be Triple H versus Randy Orton and Ortonís tag team partner, Umaga Ė itís a handicap match.

Lawler tells us that John Cena will talk to the audience tonight.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Six Diva Tag Team Match

Beth Phoenix, from Buffalo NY

Current WWE Womenís Champion


Melina & Jillian Hall


Mickie James, Maria & Candice Michelle

Audience Favorite: Iím not sure.

My favorite: Beth Phoenix and Mickie James Ė they can wrestle

Winners: Candice Michelle, Mickie James, and Maria after Candice pins Jillian for a three count.

All of the girls are looking better in the ring, but they arenít up to the talent of Beth and Mickie just yet. Maria looks like she has been spending a lot of time working on her wrestling maneuvers.  She may outshine Candice if she keeps going. Melina tops Jillian in the wrestling category but both girls are going to have to work harder to keep up with Beth and Mickie in the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

We are backstage with William Regal and Jonathan Coachman. Coach is back after beating beat up by John Cena and Coach has to use a cane. McMahon shows up to make sure that Regal is taking care of McMahonís son, Hornswoggle.  Regal tells McMahon that Hornswoggle is taking a nap. Regal tells Coach that since Coach is Regalís assistant, it is Coachís job to watch Hornswoggle.  Coach looks for Hornswoggle and he is gone.  Regal sends Coach out to look for Hornswoggle.

We see a Cyber Sunday promo.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

We see a Friday Night Smackdown promo.

Santino Marella, weighing 227 lbs., residing in Patterson, NJ


Val Venis, weighing 244 lbs., from Las Vegas, NV

Audience favorite: Iím not sure

My favorite: Val Venis Ė He should be the champ. I voted for him.

Winner: Snitsky who wasnít even supposed to be in the match.

Marella leaves the ring to introduce Lillian Garcia and tells everyone that he understands Lillianís band is performing and in Spanish. Marella tells Venis he canít fight him tonight, he has a previous engagement but that Regal has found a replacement for Marella and the replacement is Snitsky.

Itís irritating that Snitsky comes back after what we hear is a drug related suspension to pound on Val Venis.  Venis is much better than this and could have been working a real match instead of spending his time in the ring being pummeled by Snitsky. I don't know what the Marella/The Condemned storyline is working toward but Marella, who can work in the ring, hasn't been spending much time doing so.

We have a recap of Evander Holyfieldís match with Matt Hardy and then knocking out MVP because Holyfield has a boxing match coming up. We then see Holyfield in training and in boxing. Holyfield has a pay per view coming up. Isnít this a wrestling show?

We see a recap of the injury to John Cena during his match with Mr. Kennedy and then being attacked by Randy Orton.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

We see a Save Us 222 promo.

John Cena from Tampa, FL, via satellite. Cena says he doesnít know when he will be back on Raw, it can be anywhere from seven to twelve months. Cena discusses Ortonís win and Triple Hís beatings. Cena says that Orton will come face to face with all of his targets and every superstar will want to get a match for the championship.

And as Lawler says ďSpeak of the DevilĒ, Orton enters the arena. Another first - Lawler and I agree on something.

Handicap Match Championship match

Randy Orton, weighing 245 lbs, from St. Louis, MO


Umaga, weighing 350 lbs., from the Isle of Samoa


Triple H, weighing 255 lbs., from Greenwich, CT

Commercial break before Umanga and Triple H are introduced.

Back from commercial break.

Audience Favorite: Triple H

My favorite: Out of these three? Triple H

Winner: You can't win a match when it isn't a match - Orton due to disqualification after Umaga hits Triple H with a chair.

Triple H began bleeding from the forehead early in the match from last nightís injury. And then we get to see a beat down by Umaga and Orton much to the dismay of the audience. Over the top and really, McMahon, is that all you have to show Monday Night Raw fans? Orton leaves the ring and Umaga continues to beat on Triple H. Lawler keeps yelling for someone to get in the ring and stop it Ė isnít Lawler a wrestler? The brave ref did get back in the ring after Umaga left the arena, and he brought another ref in with him. The crowd goes wild when Triple H pushes away the refs and tries to walk up the ramp by himself.  He doesnít make it. Now we have four refs to get Triple H out of the arena.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see two refs helping Triple H out of the arena and we get a recap of Umaga and Orton beating up Triple H. McMahon is waiting back stage and he tells Triple H that he will be out in the ring to shake Ortonís hand and to congratulate Orton for winning the championship.

This was not a match either. I donít know how well Umaga can wrestle.  We never see him wrestle. I am betting, considering his family background, he can wrestle fairly well.  Triple H can wrestle when he gets around to it, but Iím not so sure that Orton can. Since it was not a real match, I canít report on anyoneís abilities with the exception of Triple H being able to get beat on again after being beat on in several matches at No Mercy.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick, combined weight of 369 lbs.


The Highlanders, Rory and Robbie, combined weight of 34 stones

Audience favorite: London & Kendrick

My favorite: Iím not sure

Winner: The Highlanders who pin Brian Kendrick and use the ropes to do it.

London and Kendrick are still doing a great job as high fliers. The Highlanders are managing to turn into bad guys in short order and doing a good job of it.

Diva contestants.

Coach is backstage looking for Hornswoggle. He asks a backstage worker who says he hasnít seen any leprechauns, then Cody Rhodes who says he hasnít seen Hornswoggle. Regal finds Coach and wants to know where Hornswoggle is and Coach says he hasnít found him yet.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a recap of the No Mercy championship feud between Triple H, Orton and Umaga.

Lillian Garciaís band plays. Marella comes out and tells Garcia and her band to beat it because he has a song of his own. Itís another hit against The Condemned.

Commercial break Ė again.

Back from commercial break.

We see a recap of the Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly feud.

Mr. Kennedy, weighing 235 lbs., from Green Bay, WI


Jeff Hardy, weighing 225 lbs., from Cameron, NC

Current Intercontinental Champion

Audience favorite: Jeff Hardy

My favorite: Jeff Hardy

Winner: Jeff Hardy with a pin and a three count.

Kennedy got more boos than Orton. Iím impressed. Hardy is much too quick for Kennedy. Commercial break during the match.  Jeff makes me wonder how he manages to do this same stuff week after week and still be able to move.  I like Matt Hardy but I think Jeff has him beat in the high-risk category.  I am also certain that Kennedy can wrestle but since he spends most of his time avoiding it, it is difficult to tell how well he can wrestle.

When did WWE start having a championship ceremony, especially for a roster member who managed to evade punishment for being on the Signature Pharmacy client list? 

Backstage with McMahon and Regal. McMahon tells Regal he wants everyone out in the ring. We get to see Hornswoggle working over Coach with Coachís cane. All of the WWE superstars are seen walking to the ring and none of them look very happy.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we are told WWE fans get to vote for their favorite ďFat HeadĒ. Before you all get carried away, the Fat Head isnít supposed to be an insult. You should vote for your favorite wrestler, not the most despised.

McMahon tells everyone to come into the ring to shake hands with the new champion. Orton saunters out to the ring and McMahon introduces Orton as the new WWE champion.  The audience isnít any more impressed than I am.  He gets many You Suck chants from the audience. Orton then begins to tell everyone how great he is.  Hmmm, has he trashed any more hotel rooms, stolen any more cards from fans cameras? He doesnít mention it if he has.  McMahon wants to start the handshake line with Triple H but Triple H doesnítí seem to be there. McMahon demands that Triple H come to the ring. McMahon says he will go backstage himself, then says that Orton will go back and drag Triple H out to the ring Ė to the boos of the audience.  Orton goes up the ramp to find Triple H, however, we hear Shawn Michaels music and Shawn Michaels appears at the head of the ramp and as he walks down the ramp, Orton retreats into the ring but Michaels follows him in and takes him out with sweet chin music. McMahon doesnít look happy.

So much for Michaelsí much rumored retirement. The audience showered Michael with applause.  Everyone is glad to see he is back. Perhaps Michaels will be able to liven up Monday Night Raw, then move over to ECW and help them out and finish up fixing Friday Night Smackdown.

My take on WWE lately is that they spread the talent too thin.  Kendrick and London are great tag team partners but they are never in a match with anyone of the same caliber. I am irritated at the push these ďsuperstarsĒ get after being suspended for using drugs and irritated that WWE expects us to go along with it.  I donít believe Randy Orton deserved any kind of a push but WWE obviously does.

I promised someone I would make sure this tidbit about Orton was not forgotten.  She hasnít forgotten about it and is in hopes the rest of the world wonít either. Randy Orton has been treated with kid gloves since he showed up in WWE.  For all of WWEís touting that they care about our troops fighting overseas, they immediately moved Orton into a major role in WWE knowing full well he bailed out of the Marine Corps. They know full well about his recent actions and his name on the Signature Pharmacy client list.  I donít understand why WWE believes Orton is ďall thatĒ and would like to know why someone in the locker room hasnít stood up and asked that same question. There are many other talented WWE stars that deserve to be standing where Orton stood last night.







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