October 4, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Additional comments by Sassy in italics.

TNA fans, this is our first two hour iMPACT!  *We will not be seeing James Mitchells’ son, Judas Mesias, in action.  He is still out due to an injury. – Get well soon, Judas – we miss you, well, I miss you!* Sit back, relax and get ready for two full hours of the iMPACT Zone!

We see a nice intro of Total Nonstop Action’s history. And it’s WELCOME TO THE iMPACT ZONE!

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer Jeremy Borash

Backstage announcer: Crystal Loutham

Ring Valet: So Cal Val

IMPACT is being broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL, on Spike TV.

Opening Match

Black Reign, from the Deepest Darkest Corner of His Mind

accompanied by Misty and a large black box


The War Machine, Rhino, from Detroit, MI

Rhino manages to get to and feed off the crowd early in the match. Black Reign is moving better in this match than he has before.  He is not as mechanical and stiff. Tenay tells us that James Mitchell must have added Black Reign his followers. Raven is seen sitting somewhere in the iMPACT Zone looking a little spooky before we go to commercial break.


Back from commercial break, we see a Bound for Glory promo and back to the match…Just as we think Rhino has Black Reign ready for the gore, Raven appears at the edge of the ring out of Rhino’s view. As Rhino goes for the gore, Raven takes Black Reign down so he misses.  As Black Reign goes after Rhino, Rhino gets out of the way sending Black Reign into Raven. Rhino gets a roll up and the three count.

Rhino goes after Raven who is now in the ring, but has his back to Black Reign. Big mistake and Rhino is being double teamed by Black Reign and Raven.  Just as we think it is over for Rhino, here comes Abyss and he handles Raven and Black Reign giving Rhino time to send Raven out of the ring. As Rhino deals with Raven on the floor, Abyss goes for the Black Hole Slam, taking out Black Reign. As Abyss turns around in the ring, he is facing James Mitchell. Mitchell falls down trying to get away from Abyss, but Abyss picks up Mitchell’s cane and goes after him. Havok enters the ring with a weapon and tries to take Abyss out with a shot to the back.  Unfortunately for Havok, the blow does not daunt Abyss and Havok is the victim of the Black Hole Slam. Abyss again gets his hands on Mitchell but Black Reign has had time to recuperate and hits Abyss in the back of the head with the Black Reign weapon. We have a blackout in the iMPACT Zone and Sting appears to take Black Reign out of the equation.  In response, Black Reign rolls out of the ring and Abyss goes after him and we see Abyss and Black Reign fight their way through the crowd.

After all that carrying on I did about how great it was to have James Mitchell back I was really waiting for Abyss to slam him.

Sting is interrupted when Kurt Angle appears on the monitor and asks Sting if he is ready for some football and then tells Sting he will see him right after the break because Spike has to make some money too.

Commercial break.  Back from commercial break, Angle is back on the monitor to talk to Sting and says he is in California and he is there to take care of some family business – Sting’s family business and that he is where Sting’s son, Garrett, plays football and Angle is going to watch Sting’s son. Sting threatens Angle and leaves the arena.

JB is backstage with Bound for Glory News on the TNA Text messaging.  Black Machismo Jay Lethal and The Guru Sonjay Dutt join JB.  JB asks about Lethal’s match with Christopher Daniels at Bound for Glory.  Lethal does what he does best and Sonjay does what he does best before JB, Lethal, and Sonjay are taken out by Team 3D.

Team 3D bring Sonjay and Lethal to the ring to continue the beat down. This is Team 3D’s continuation of trying to force Jim Cornette into giving them a tag team match. Shark Boy, who was injured by Team 3D last week, runs to the rescue getting himself taken down in the process. Devon gets the table – and not at the audience’s request – and Brother Ray says that the match tonight between Team 3D and Team Pacman had better be a title match or they will continue to take down every tag team and every wrestler in TNA until they get a title match. Team 3D sends Lethal through the table.

Crystal is in the sound truck with Sting who is demanding a headset so that he can talk to Angle and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Sting has his headset and tells Angle that he has stepped over the line and Angle answers that he wanted to face the old Sting at Bound for Glory and this is what it took to get the old Sting back. Angle laughs at Sting sending the police to have Angle arrested.  Angle says he told them he was just watching a football game, gave the policemen an autograph and sent them on their way.

We now see an interview from earlier today conducted by Crystal.  She is interviewing Robert Roode who is accompanied by Miss Brooks. Said interview is naturally about how great Robert Roode is and how he is not being treated properly in TNA. Roode says he has all of his money because his Grandfather passed away and left it to him. It gives Roode a reason to argue with Miss Brooks and to threaten her with her job and Miss Brooks reminds Roode that her Mother is sick and Roode tells her if she wants to keep her job, she had better win the Women’s Gauntlet match at Bound for Glory.  Roode storms out of the interview.

Leticia Cline enters the interview area to tell Crystal to get out of her chair. Leticia is there to hype her Playboy cover shot.

The Pride of Tennessee, Miss Jackie Moore

accompanied to the ring by Cowboy James Storm


Gail Kim, from  Tampa, FL

When you step in the ring with Jackie, you need to be prepared for anything and Gail is a perfect opponent. Neither of these women is large, but they know their stuff. After the match begins, Roxxi Laveaux enters the arena accompanied by VKM, then Christy Hemme enters the arena with Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave to watch the action. This is not screaming and hair pulling diva garbage – this is women’s wrestling. Gail Kim gets the win with a pin and a three count.

After the match, Roxxi, Christy and Miss Jackie attack Gail after she gets back to her feet.  Gail manages to get away, giving the three women left in the ring an opportunity to fight it out.

We are backstage with JB, Cornette and Matt Morgan. JB wants to know about the tag team match Team 3D has asked for. Cornette says he is tired of hearing Team 3D whine so they can have the tag team title match. Cornette also says that what goes around comes around and when JB asks what that means, Cornette tells JB to stick around for about 10 minutes and he will find out. Enter an angry Sting wanting Cornette to do something about Angle. Cornette said he just found out about what was going on and now Angle is back on the monitor. And, we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Angle is still at the football game. Angle tells Sting that Sting’s friend Larry, who Sting sent to take care of Angle, will be walking with a slight limp for the rest of his life. Cornette tells Sting to calm down and that it’s all mind games with Angle and if Sting allows Angle to do that to him, Angle wins. Sting picks up the monitor cabinet, throws it across the room and yells that he is going to kill Angle. 

I’m kinda liking this Sting.  Must be memories…

TNA World Tag Team Championship

Team 3D, Brother Ray and Brother Devon, from New York City, NY


Team Pacman, Ron “The Truth” Killings from Charlotte, NC and Adam “Pacman Jones” from Atlanta, GA

Current TNA World Tag Team Champions

We get to see how Team Pacman got the titles and it had nothing to do with skill.  It was because Angle’s wife got Angle all riled up about Sting. And, to date, these two keeping the title has had nothing to do with skill.  We can only hope that after Bound for Glory – and we know they will have titles until then because Jones is from Atlanta – someone in the talent department will wise up and use actual wrestlers to hold the tag team championship.

Brother Ray brought a football to the match and we can only surmise he brought it along so Jones would have something to do since Jones cant’ have contact with other wrestlers. I am a little disappointed Ray didn’t throw the football up the entrance ramp and have Jones go fetch. The Truth is too good in the ring to keep playing this joke of a tag team. Jones proves again that he can run away. And that’s about all he can do – oh, he can hold a steel chair, too. VKM appear near the ring, pulling The Truth out onto the floor to give him a beat down leaving Jones alone in the ring. Jones, however, runs out of the ring and chases VKM up the ramp with the steel chair in his hand. Team 3D now have a chance to work over The Truth but we hear The Steiner Brothers’ music and Rick and Scott Steiner hit the ring sending Team 3D running. Which means, folks, that Team Pacman wins the match and retains the titles due to the interference of VKM.  Like none of us saw THAT coming!

We see Angle on the monitor telling some woman he is sitting next to that it is his boy out on the field.  The bottom of the screen tells us Angle is in El Cajon, CA.  We go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JB is backstage with Raven. Raven says everyone says he is washed up but Funk taught him that it is all right to let the other guys beat themselves up and then to come in and take over.  Raven says that when he is back in shape there are two people he wants to face:  The War Machine Rhino because Rhino is crazy enough to gore a shopping cart just to try to kill Raven and The Monster Abyss because Abyss is just barbaric enough to try and poke Raven’s eyeball out while Raven is trying to poke Abyss’ eyeball out.  Raven says he thinks they should have themselves a nice little three-way match but it won’t be Bound for Glory, it will be Bound for Gory.  “Quote the Raven, nevermore” and Abyss is suddenly in Raven’s face. And Abyss speaks!  Abyss says they should make it Monster’s Ball and tells Raven to bring Black Reign with him.

As much as I’m not big on story lines in wrestling, Raven has a way of pulling off his character to make it interesting.  One can’t understand why such a well-spoken man can turn into such a vicious brawler. He couldn’t have picked better men to brawl with at Monster’s Ball. 

Fight for the Right Gauntlet Match

Two wrestlers begin the match and every sixty seconds another wrestler is added to the mix.  Over the top rope elimination only until only two men are left in the ring.

Cowboy James Storm




Robert Roode


Petey Williams


Showtime Eric Young


Jimmy Rave


Chris Sabin


Miss Brooks comes down the ramp to watch the match.

Alex Shelley


Petey Williams eliminated

Jimmy Rave eliminated

Lance Hoyt


Chris Sabin is eliminated

Wildcat Chris Harris, final entrant

Outside the ring issue when Roode sends Kaz through the ropes, not over the top then comes outside to beat up on Kaz because Miss Brooks is concerned. We go to commercial break.


Back from commercial break.

Wildcat Chris Harris eliminated during commercial break.

Alex Shelley is eliminated

Lance Hoyt is eliminated

Robert Roode is eliminated

Kaz is eliminated

We are down to Showtime Eric Young and Cowboy James Storm and a pin fall wrestling match. Showtime Eric Young wins with a pin and a three count.

Eric makes his way through the audience to celebrate and the fans love it. It is fantastic that Eric won, but this match was a Talent Overload.  I couldn’t decide whom I should be cheering on.  Every entrant in this match deserves a title shot.

West tells us there was an incident between Tomko, Christian Cage and AJ Styles and we need to see it because it may change what happens in the match tonight.

Crystal is with Tomko and AJ and Christian shows up asking AJ why he is wearing the shirt he has on and AJ says it is because they are going to Japan. Christian asks why they are going to Japan and Tomko says that when you are a champion you have to defend your title. Tomko has a championship match in Tokyo.  Christian tells Tomko to go but AJ is staying with him.

Commercial break and back from commercial break, we see a promo for the Ultimate X Division ring with comments from wrestlers who have been in an Ultimate X match.

We are again back with Angle telling a cheerleader that Sting slapped Angle’s wife. Angle then tells Sting he’s going to slap Sting’s son but he’s going to do it in private after the game.

Bound for Glory promo – Christian Cage versus Samoa Joe feud.

Eight Man Tag Team Tag Match

The Warrior Senshi & The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels of Triple X

accompanied by Primetime Elix Skipper


The Phenomenal AJ Styles, from Gainesville, GA


The Instant Classic Christian Cage, from Tampa, FL by way of Ontario, Canada


Homicide & Hernandez, the Latin American Exchange


Junior Fatu, from the Isle of Samoa


The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe

It’s another talent overload! I have to say I’d like to see the team of Homicide, Hernandez, Fatu and Joe win this one simply because LAX deserves a win. Homicide performed an amazing suicide dive, landing on his feet and drumming a tune on the announcer’s table.


Back from commercial break and Joe hasn’t been in the ring that we have seen – yet.

We have a free for all with Joe suicide diving into Christian Cage and Fatu giving Christopher Daniels a stink face. Hernandez executes a dive over the top rope and into AJ.  It was a great dive but that has to hurt when you hit the mat. Somehow Skipper finds himself in the ring and gets taken out by Fatu. Muscle buster by Joe who gets the three count.  Winners are Homicide, Hernandez, Junior Fatu and Samoa Joe.

We are back to Angle on the monitor and Angle tells Sting that the Sting’s son had an amazing win. Sting is watching on a monitor in the iMPACT Zone. Angle says the only way he can bring the old Sting back is by doing what he has to do right now. Garrett is heading for his car and Sting is urging him to go faster.  Angle catches up with Garrett and Garrett tells Angle that it has nothing to do with him and Angle says it has everything to do with him because his father slapped Angle’s wife. Garrett hits Angle with the car door, yells that his father never touched Angle’s wife and Angle knows it, and Garrett gets in the car. Angle gets the car door open and drags Garrett back out when the camera gets shoved away and Angle tells Sting he will leave the rest to Sting’s imagination.

A little too much on the Sting/Angle feud but action in the ring made up for that.  With the exception of the phony, and I DO mean phony, tag team match, this iMPACT was worth watching.













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