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WWE News Bytes

October 5, 2007

by Sassy

Our daily news reporter has gotten so good at bringing us headlines and breaking news, the news you see here will be updates and in depth coverage of certain stories.

Suspensions Returning

And the fans are being treated like it never happened.  WWE still wants us to believe that these men were out of action due to injuries – pre planned by WWE writers before they were sent off on their suspensions – or that they were suspended for something other than being on the Signature Pharmacy client list. To all those wrestlers who do not take steroids or other illegal substances, if you don’t get major pushes from WWE, you need to be somewhere else.  King Booker is still out and we have not seen Chris Masters or Chavo Guerrero since the suspensions began.

I’m still miffed that Randy Orton can walk through the entire mess unscathed. Not only does he get a free pass, he’s getting a very much undeserved major push, but…

Since getting busted for steroids or drugs doesn’t appear to be a major concern for a money making star, we wonder what will happen to the two Ohio Valley wrestlers who recently failed drug tests and were busted – one for cocaine and one for marijuana.  Will they be shown the door?

The Undertaker and…

The latest rumors making their way across the Internet tell us that The Undertaker has indeed broken up with Sarah and that he is now seeing WWE diva Michelle McCool which is why the Sarah tattoo was airbrushed from his latest photos.

What Has The Press Done to Tommy Dreamer?

Reporters must be upsetting Dreamer.  He tells them to “go to hell” in his latest column posted on Dreamer has dropped his Diary of Violence column and replaced it with An Original Thought.  Not to upset Dreamer, but I didn’t know any WWE employee could speak to the press without the express approval of WWE’s corporate office. You can carry on all you wish about extreme wrestling but WWE’s version of Extreme Championship Wrestling doesn’t even come close to the original ECW and you know it Mr. “ECW Original” Dreamer.

Edge’s Return Will Be Pay Per View

I won’t be seeing Edge’s return but some of you fans may be purchasing the Survivor Series.  It seems WWE is holding off bringing Edge back into action when you have to pay to see him.  WWE likes to do that with their superstars. Source: I like Edge, but I’m not spending bucks just to see him get back in the ring.

Ric Flair Vs. Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Ric and McMahon had a meeting this week in what everyone speculates was Ric’s return to the ring. By all reports, Ric brought along his attorneys and you know how McMahon hates those attorneys – especially if they are representing the other side.  It is also being hinted that McMahon loaned Ric a large sum of money to assist him with his IRS problems.  Source: Stay tuned.

Shawn Michaels May Not Return to Ring Action

It is being reported that in spite of Triple H’s best efforts to lure the Heartbreak Kid back into the ring, Shawn has been enjoying life since his knee surgery and spending time with his family. Source: Shawn isn’t interested in a full time schedule and that could be a deal killer with WWE.

John Cena Is Out of Action

On Monday Night Raw, John Cena suffered a torn pectoral muscle.  He has already undergone surgery and you can see a video from the surgery at  Estimates for his time out of action range from six months to eight months to a year.  We wish John a speedy recovery. I want to know if it is in a WWE employee’s contract to have videos or photos of their surgeries splashed across the Internet or shown on one of WWE’s weekly television spots.

Chris Jericho’s Possible Return

Jericho may be back in WWE as early as No Mercy.  It was earlier reported that Jericho was in talks with WWE and TNA but WWE won out.  Source:  TNA must have done something wrong since Jericho lives close to the Orlando iMPACT Zone studio.

WWE Ratings

Last week’s Smackdown did a 2.5 cable rating versus the 2.7 from the previous week.

This week’s Raw did a 3.2 cable rating, down from last week’s rating of 3.3.

This week’s ECW cable rating came in at a 1.2 versus the 1.1 from last week. Source: ProWrestlingFans. I saw the show and don’t quite understand the jump, however, it could have been fans wanting to know more about John Cena’s reported injury. 

Where Are They Now

Kurt Angle, current TNA, former WWE and Olympic, wrestler was arrested last week for driving under the influence of alcohol. Like it or not, no one is immune when it comes to drunk driving and Kurt is lucky he didn’t hurt someone. A vehicle he nearly hit reported his bad behavior and he got caught.  He failed a field sobriety test and refused a blood test. He was formally charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substance and Reckless Driving. Kurt, your face is on television every week, more so lately than most of the TNA wrestlers. You know you are well known and you should also be aware of the affects of alcohol on your body. It is not in the least bit unmanly to ask for a ride home or to call a cab and beats an arrest – or worse – every time.

Kurt had been scheduled to be interviewed on “Between the Ropes” but that was cancelled after word of the arrest leaked out.  It is being surmised TNA was unaware of the arrest since they promoted the interview just hours before it was then cancelled. 

And there’s more:  Kurt’s attorneys issued a statement declaring their client innocent and that he was targeted due to his celebrity status. Source: ProWrestlingFans.  Attorneys for Kurt state that this incident occurred in the afternoon – I don’t know what THAT has to do with anything – and that the police have no blood alcohol level content – no joke, legal eagles, Kurt refused the blood test – and that the police have no first hand knowledge that Kurt was driving his vehicle.  Do tell us, Kurt – was the vehicle on autopilot?

Mr. Kenney and William Regal never did drugs and Kurt Angle doesn’t drink.  Will what works for WWE now work for TNA?

Hulk Hogan Back Signs With

NBC as host of a revival version of “American Gladiators”.  I don’t mind pushing Hogan but it appears that his son Nick, and his son’s injured friend, John Graziano, have fallen off the radar. If anyone has an update on John’s medical status or Nick’s legal status, please contact the Webmaster.

The Rock Says

Actions speak louder than words and to prove it, he and his ex-wife have donated one million dollars to the University of Miami to the football facilities renovation fund. Both Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia Johnson graduated from the University of Miami.  And naturally, the Rock played football with the Hurricanes. Source:

Johnny Stamboli’s New Character

Former WWE wrestler Johnny Stamboli is available for wrestling bookings under his new character, Redrum.  The going rate is $500.00 per match plus transportation.  Serious booking inquiries only: Source: Gerweck.




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