WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw

October 1, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics

This is the first week wrestlers who were suspended for thirty days can return to their respective WWE shows. You can bet your last cent WWE isn't going to announce that!

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from Cleveland, OH.

Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage Interviews: Todd Grisham

We are reminded that WWE’s No Mercy pay per view will be this Sunday.

We open with three unknown men wearing wrestling attire who are already in the ring.  We hear Vince McMahon’s music and McMahon enters the arena. McMahon says that tonight an event equal to a WrestleMania event will take place.  In one corner will be Triple H and in the opposite corner will be the greatest physical specimen in all of mankind, McMahon. McMahon guarandamtees us that the winner of the match will be Mr. McMahon. McMahon then says actions speak louder than words and we see a recap of McMahon’s ring history – the one with him winning, of course. 

Each man represents different wrestling styles:

The smallest of the three is a Lee High University 4 time All American Wrestling Champion

The second is a Fifth Degree Kendo Karate champion

The largest man is the Ohio State Sumo Champion

McMahon says that there is going to be a demonstration of what is going to happen to Triple H tonight “right here in whatever name this town is”.  McMahon takes off his jacket and then suddenly decides that rather than McMahon demonstrating what he is going to do to Triple H tonight, he was going to call upon someone else to demonstrate exactly what he is going to do this Sunday at No Mercy.  Umaga enters the arena, the ring, and cleans the ring out.

Umaga has returned from his thirty-day suspension.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break,

Six Man Tag Team Match

Paul London, Brian Kendrick &

Jeff Hardy, the Intercontinental Champion

at a combined weight of 594 lbs.


Shelton Benjamin &

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

The World Tag Team Champions

at a combined weight of 780 lbs.

Audience favorites: Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Jeff Hardy

My favorites: Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Jeff Hardy

Winners: Jeff Hardy, Paul London & Brian Kendrick after Jeff delivers  with a Swanton bomb, pins Lance Cade and gets the three count.

It may not be fair for me to recap a WWE show after watching the pay per view I watched last night. London, Kendrick and Jeff are agile, quick and excellent in the ring.  Benjamin can be fast and is very good in the ring.  I’m a big Murdoch fan and Cade does well in the ring.  Most of the highflying maneuvers in this match were London, Kendrick and Jeff.

We go backstage to find William Regal on his cell phone. McMahon shows up to give Regal a big hug and welcome back. McMahon tells Regal that Coach is under the weather tonight.  Regal tells McMahon that tonight it will be John Cena versus Mr. Kennedy. McMahon asks Regal a personal favor and asks him to look after his son tonight – but it isn’t Shane, it’s Hornswoggle.  McMahon tells Regal he will hold Regal personally responsible for Hornswoggle’s actions tonight and when Regal turns back around, Hornswoggle is gone.

William Regal is back from his thirty-day suspension.

We see a recap of the John Cena/Randy Orton feud, including John Cena’s father.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

JR tells us that Randy Orton is joining us tonight live via satellite from Chicago, IL. JR asks Orton why he isn’t in the arena especially since he Orton will be facing Cena in a Last Man Standing Match Sunday. Orton said he is waiting for Cena in Chicago because he doesn’t want to be around Cena in Cena’s state of mind.  They show the footage of Orton kicking Cena’s father in the head and the match with Orton and Cena’s father.  We are shown the same film clips at Orton’s request.

We are told some of the Cleveland Indians Baseball team are in the audience.

We then go to the Divas search competition.

We then see Regal searching for Hornswoggle backstage. Regal asks the Highlanders if they have seen Hornswoggle. Regal then asks the Highlanders why they turned down a match with Cade & Murdoch tonight. They say it is because they didn’t want the match. The only match they want is a  world tag team championship match.  They say they got a lot of criticism for what they did last Monday night on Raw. The Highlanders came to the WWE with one purpose and that was to be the world tag team champions and they were going to do that whether Regal liked it or not.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Cody Rhodes, weighing 232 lbs., from Charlotte, NC


Hardcore Holly, weighing 243 lbs., from Mobile, AL

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: I like them both but Holly has much more ring experience

Winner: Hardcore Holly with the Alabama slam, the pin and the three count

These two work well as opponents. We actually saw wrestling moves in this short match.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Beth Phoenix is introduced and comes to the ring, taking the mic from Lillian.  Beth says she is just as beautiful as she is dangerous and it is just a matter of time before she becomes the women’s champion. Beth says she wants Lillian to announce the Glamazon as the new women’s champion. Lillian does as Beth asks the says that is assuming she can beat Candice Michelle on Sunday. Beth then decides to beat up Lillian but Candice Michelle comes in for the save.

We se Triple H backstage wrapping his arms for his upcoming match and then we see a recap of Umaga beating up the three unknown men in the opening of the show.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment


Triple H, weighing 255 lbs., from Greenwich, CT

Before Triple H is introduced, McMahon shows a film clip of Triple H taking out Umaga – right before Umaga had to leave to serve his thirty-day suspension.

Audience favorite:  It isn’t Mr. McMahon

My favorite: It isn’t Mr. McMahon

Winner: Mr. McMahon due to disqualification.  Triple H beat up the ref, too. I thought Triple H should get the win and a medal.

There is no referee in the ring and McMahon yells that he wants a referee right now, he wants it to be legal and he doesn’t care who the ref is.  We hear Carlito’s music and Carlito enters the ring in his wrestling trunks and a referee’s shirt. And it quickly turns into us watching a match where McMahon avoids Triple H like the plague. We didn’t need Umaga to interfere, we had Carlito to interfere. Thank heavens for the first two matches. Umaga makes his way to the ring after the match is over so Triple H and Umaga can duke it out in the middle of the ring.

I think Umaga is mad at Carlito since he decides to assist Triple H by knocking Triple H out of the ring and allowing Triple H to get his hands on the sledgehammer.

Winner of the second part of this match: Triple H after Umaga gets out of the ring and out of the way of the sledgehammer.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

There are two director’s chairs in the ring and we hear Santino Marella’s music.  Marella and Marella enter the ring.  This segment is called “Marella at the Movies”. Marella is going to interview the number one action DVD out today called “The Condemned”. Maria tells Marella likes Stone Cold and she thought the movie was a lot of fun.  Marella says the movie could have been great with a star, someone like Santino Marella.  We see film clips from the movie. Marella says when it comes to Austin’s acting, we are all Condemned.  I hope WWE makes its money back in a hurry.  I’m tired of The Condemned push every week versus actual wrestling.

We hear Val Venis and he enters the arena. Marella says this has nothing to do with Val Venis and that Marella is always being interrupted.  Venis says that as the star of many movies in his day, he happens to know a thing or two about acting talent. Venis says he is starring in a sequel to the movie, Mr. Woodcock and wants to know if Maria is interested.  Marella tries to get Maria out of the ring and Venis tells her that Maria can either star in a movie with Venis or star in a movie of Marella’s lovemaking skills, you know, Super Bad.  Marella attacks Venis and works over Venis’s bad leg before leaving the ring.

What?  Austin couldn’t show up to defend himself and had to send Val Venis to do it instead.  Okay, I’d rather see Venis, but Austin should be ashamed of himself.

We go backstage to Todd Grisham and he tells us his guest at this time is the WWE Champion, John Cena. Grisham says that everyone says Cena is not himself these days and that Orton has already won. Cena, on the other hand, says that Orton is not going to win anything at No Mercy. Cena says he will beat Randy Orton so bad “they” will never forget it.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we get a No Mercy promo.

Melina, from Los Angeles, CA


Mickie James, from Lynchburg, VA

Audience favorite: Mickie James

My favorite: Mickie James.  She has wrestling talent – sorry Melina

Winner: Mickie James after Hornswoggle appears and unnerves Melina

Before Mickie is introduced, we see a film clip of Hornswoggle stealing Melina’s towel last week. After the match, Melina goes under the ring after Hornswoggle.  Hornswoggle comes out with part of Melina’s outfit. Hornswoggle goes back under the ring and reappears with the other part of Melina’s outfit. Hornswoggle runs up the ramp and out of the arena with Melina’s clothes.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Regal finds Hornswoggle with Melina’s clothes and takes them away causing Hornswoggle to have a tantrum.  Enter Dr. Steve-O of Jackass fame – why not, we can’t seem to get any wrestling here anyway – who says he is there looking for wooses to turn into real men but he doesn’t want cross dressers. Hornswoggle disappears again and leaves Regal with Melina’s clothes. 

Steve-O is backstage and stops to talk to Ron Simmons and says that Ron is bad but he thinks Ron could be badder and Steve could make Ron more manly.  Ron stands up and throws Steve-O through the nearest door before saying “Damn”!

John Cena, weighing 240 lbs., from MA


Commercial break before the second introduction.

Back from commercial break.

Just back from his thirty-day suspension – after previously proclaiming  to the world he never took drugs

Mr. Kennedy, weighing 245 lbs., from Green Bay, WI

Audience favorite:  John Cena

My favorite: John Cena, not busted, no suspension, didn't go around blabbing he was innocent.

Winner: John Cena with a submission hold and Kennedy taps out.

Kennedy wastes more time introducing himself than he does wrestling, then we have a commercial break in the middle of the match.  Orton shows up at the end of the match and RKO’s Cena. Orton’s the guy that was on the Signature Pharmacy list who didn’t get suspended.  The shortest match in history that could have been great but turned into a joke.

Orton doesn’t appear to be an audience favorite.

And before we leave, Steve-O is back again and  Ron does us a favor by again tossing him out of the door.  Thank you, Ron.  Maybe if they put you back in the ring we could watch wrestling.





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