WWE Friday Night Smackdown

WWE Friday Night Smackdown

September 28, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Smackdown will be in Kansas City on October 23, 2007.

We get a recap of last Friday Ė although I am not sure why Ė of the wedding that wasnít.

We are backstage with Vince McMahon and Vicky Guerrero. Vince says Teddy had a heart attack and Vicky says Teddy has been in a coma since the heart attack and that Teddy had a history of heart disease.  Vince then gives Vicky the title of General Manger of Smackdown.  Vicky accepts the position and then McMahon turns around to face Finlay. McMahon wants Finlay to help him out with the problems he is having with Hornswoggle.

Smackdown is being broadcast from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield.

We are told The Undertaker will be making an appearance on Smackdown tonight.

Torrie Wilson


Victoria, from Los Angeles, CA


Audience favorite: Torrie Wilson

My favorite: Victoria

Winner:  Victoria by pinning Torrie and grabbing the ropes to get the three count and the win.

Torrie has gradually done better in the ring, but Victoria is a true female wrestler.  I know she plays dirty, but she is good at what she does.  I canít believe she doesnít have the title. I peg Victoria as the only woman in WWE who would have a real chance against Beth Phoenix.

When Torrie turns around, she is faced with a new blonde in the ring who works Torrie over.  Of course Cole and JBL donít know who she is or where she came from. I donít know who she is either but she didnít even mess up her makeup.

We are shown an Undertaker promo before going to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we go to the Smackdown of the Night with a film clip of Matt Hardy and MVP versus Deuce and Domino during last weekís match.

JBL will interview Rey Mysterio tonight.

MVP appears for the VIP Lounge segment. MVP is celebrating his one-year anniversary with Smackdown. The ring is full of MVPís friends, MVP and his MVPís two title belts.  MVP welcomes everyone to MVPís VIP Lounge. He talks about Teddyís heart attack last week during the wedding. MVP says Teddy is in an Atlanta hospital in the Critical Coronary Unit. MVP says that Teddy Long signed MVP to his contract at Smackdown. MVP spends several minutes bragging about himself before declaring that he is the reason he and Matt Hardy have the tag team titles.  We hear Mattís music and he makes his way to the ring with his title belt and a bottle of something, perhaps champagne? MVP asks Matt why he invited himself to MVPís party.  Matt says he is impressed with the party. Matt says he was hesitant to come out tonight but he did because MVP is Mattís partner and Mattís friend, MVP is the captain, Mattís amigo, and Mattís homey.  Matt said he went to the producers to put together a video of MVP in his first year in the WWE and as a tag team champion. MVP gets stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin, knocked out by a professional boxer, gets beat up and set on fire by Kane, loses at basketball to Matt and loses in arm wrestling to Matt. MVP is not impressed by the video. Matt says it was just a joke and partners should be able to joke with one another. Matt tells MVP this is the most fun he has ever had in the WWE.  He gives MVP the package and it is a bottle of expensive booze. MVP pops the cork and Matt has a toast to make. Mattís toast is: To MVP, one half of the WWE tag team champion who has proven to me over the last year that you are the most arrogant, egotistical, stupid, stinking, sorry and MVP butts in. Matt says he isnít through. MVP throws Matt out of the lounge. Matt has one last gift for MVP.  Matt says he wants MVP to be able to show the world that he is the greatest and he has the match for MVP.  MVPís opponent tonight will be Kane.

I wonder if it was tough for MVP Ė the heart condition storyline.  After all, MVP did have a heart scare earlier this year.  He was lucky it was caught in time before it became very serious. This wasnít as funny as the usual MVP/Matt Hardy but it was still good.

We go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a Big Daddy V promo from ECW.

Chuck Palumbo, weighing 280 lbs., from San Diego, CA


Kenny Dykstra, weighing 240 lbs., from Worcester, MA

Audience favorite: Chuck Palumbo

My favorite: Chuck Palumboís motorcycle

Winner: Chuck Palumbo with a full throttle, a pin and a three count.

Iím not being fair.  Chuck Palumbo is good in the ring and so is Kenny Dykstra. I do prefer Chuck who moves fast in the ring, but Kenny has the potential to be a great wrestler.

We see the promo of Steve Austin signing DVDís of his movie ďCondemnedĒ.

We go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Jess and Festus on debuting.  They tell us they will be debuting next Friday on Smackdown.

Cole reminds us about the Punjabi Prison match between Batista and The Great Khali. We see the actual structure that will be used in the match.

We see the match last week between Batista and Mark Henry before Khali breaks in and Batista gets the worst of the three.

We go backstage to Batista who tells us that he doesnít have a strategy going into the Punjabi Prison match. JBL asks Batista if he is scare of the match and Batista says that it is dangerous to lock Batista in a cage or back Batista into a corner and he says he is not afraid and calls JBL a big mouth. Batista says that if Khali wants the title back, he will have to pry it out of Batistaís dead hands.

We see Kane heading to the ring before we go to the promo for the Mysterio versus Khali match on the next Smackdown.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see another Undertaker promo.

MVP, weighing 248 lbs., from Miami, FL

The United States Champion and one half of the World Tag Team Champions


Kane, weighing 323 lbs.

Audience favorite: Kane

My favorite:  I like them both.  I think Ka ne has the edge.

Winner: Kane after MVP delivers a low blow to Kane and gets himself disqualified.

We spend most of the first part of the match listening to Cole and JBL argue with each other about MVPís greatness. I am not sure who won.

This was a great match.  MVP had his hands full but he did a wonderful job. Kane did his usual great job in the ring.

We go to the Diva search promo and JBL tells us that he is getting ready to interview Rey Mysterio, and then we go to commercial break. 

Back from commercial break we see the 222 promo again.

JBL is in the ring and he introduces Rey Mysterio as his guest for an interview. JBL says he is surprised Mysterio showed up after what happened to him last week and Mysterio is stupid for coming back out to the ring. Mysterio says he has a question for JBL.  Mysterio wants to know what all the hatred is toward him and if JBL hasnít gotten over the fact that Mysterio retired him or if he is mad because JBL isnít the one being interviewed. JBL has a temper tantrum about having to sit outside the ring and Mysterio tells him that his problem is that he canít get over the fact that his career is over. Mysterio tells Bradshaw to put up or shut up because Mysterio wonít let JBL punk him out again. JBL tells Mysterio he should be more worried about Khali next week and then he shoves Mysterio to the mat.  Mysterio fights back and hits JBL with a 619 but Finlay shows up to lay Mysterio out.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the match between Jimmy Wang Yang and Jamie Noble with Shannon Moore in the audience pretending to be Hornswoggle which costs Noble the match.  Yes, itís still funny Shannon.

We are now backstage with Vicky Guerrero and Hornswoggle and Vicky tells Hornswoggle that when he won the cruiserweight championship it was a fluke and that having the championship makes him a target and being a McMahon makes him a bigger target. Vicky tells Hornswoggle that she is concerned about his safety. Vicky says that for the best interest of Smackdown, Hornswoggle needs to advocate the cruiserweight title and itís for his own well being.  Vicky takes the title from Hornswoggle.

Jamie Noble, weighing 202 lbs., from Hanover, WV


Shannon Moore, weighing 204 lbs., from NC

Audience favorite: Shannon Moore

My favorite: I love Jamie Noble

Winner: Jamie Noble with a gutbuster, a pin and a three count.

Has anyone noticed how loud Noble is without a mic?  I donít know how he can work so hard in the ring and still have such great lung capacity. Shannon is very good in the ring, but Jamie is still my favorite.

We get another Undertaker promo.

Back from commercial break, we are told that the return of Undertaker is coming up next.

Cole and JBL discuss the Punjabi Prison match at the next pay per view between Batista and The Great Khali.  Khali is backstage with his interpreter and Khali says that Batista will be a caged animal.  Khali says that next week it will be Mysterio versus Khali and Batista needs to watch that match closely. Khali says that Batista may be changed after No Mercy because The Great Khali will show now fear, have no remorse and will show No Mercy.

Mark Henry, weighing 392 lbs., from TX


And we go to commercial break before we get the second introduction.

Back from commercial break,

The Undertaker, weighing 305 lbs., from Death Valley

Audience favorite:  The Undertaker

My favorite:  The Undertaker

Winner: Undertaker after a choke slam, gets the pin and gets the win.

This does beat last weekís Smackdown.  I canít decide if the Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore or the Kane vs. MVP was the best match of the night.  Both of them were noteworthy, with Chuck Palumbo vs. Kenny Dykstra coming in third. Undertaker and Henry did a good job as well. Undertaker has still got it.



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