September 27, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

I am totally hyped about the two-hour show starting on October 4, 2007. I am even more thrilled that TNA is getting together a women’s wrestling division.

This is our last one-hour iMPACT recap.  Welcome to the iMPACT Zone!

We start the show with a film recap of the Angles and Sting feud, Christian Cage and Junior Fatu with AJ Styles and Tomko and Samoa Joe, and the attack on Sting by Judas Mesias.

We now see James Mitchell with Judas and Jeremy Borash walking in a red light. Mitchell says he understands Sting want their blood and he says that it is fine with them. He says that for every drop of their blood he takes, they will take a gallon of Sting’s blood. Mitchell says if Sting wants war, they will give him war in the darkness but they do in on their terms and the invite Sting to come through the doorway they are entering.

I can’t say I’m crazy about the shiny black outfit they have on Judas but he does look deliciously wicked and besides that…


IMPACT is being telecast from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL on Spike TV.

Ringside announcers:  Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: Jeremy Borash  

Don West reminds us that Bound for Glory is October 14 and that all three championships will be on the line.

Team 3D, Brothers Devon and Ray, from New York City, NY


The Guru Sonjay Dutt, from Bombay, India and Shark Boy, from the Deep Blue Sea

Team 3D is not impressed by Sonjay’s happy face before the bell rings. The bell rings and it is Devon and Shark Boy facing off.  Devon sends Shark boy down with a boot to the abdomen and then a fist to the head.  Shark Boy gets up and receives another fist and than another. The referee intercedes because of the fists.  Devon sends Shark Boy off the ropes, Shark Boy ducks the waiting clothesline.  Shark Boy comes off the opposite ropes, ducks another clothesline then takes a shark bite out of the backside of Devon. Ray thinks the attack was extremely funny. As Ray turns to laugh with the audience, Shark Boy takes the opportunity to deliver a shark bite to the backside of Ray. This, in turn, makes Devon laugh at Ray. Shark Boy tries to send Devon off the ropes, but Devon gets the switch and sends Shark Boy across the ring. Shark Boy comes off the ropes and delivers a boot to Devon’s chest as Ray enters the ring to yell at Devon over Shark Boy biting him when he wasn’t even in the ring. As Ray is bleeped to the tune of every other word, Shark Boy uses the time to climb up on the top turnbuckle and comes off with a double drop kick sending Ray and Devon to the mat. Shark Boy goes for the pin but Devon throws him off.  As Shark Boy gets to his feet, Devon begins to yell at Ray because he is just standing in the ring making friends. Ray takes Sonjay’s hand and kisses it then delivers a clothesline sending Sonjay to the mat. Ray picks Sonjay up and hugs him as Ray backs Sonjay into a ring post and then delivers a slap to Sonjay’s chest. The audience boos Ray and Ray takes a few seconds to get on the ropes and talk back to the crowd. Ray sends Sonjay across the ring into the opposite ring post and flies across at Sonjay but Sonjay gets out of the way and Ray is greeted chest first by the top turnbuckle. Sonjay goes outside on the apron, swings up and brings his leg down on Ray’s head. Sonjay springboards off the top rope and lands on Ray’s chest and goes for the pin. Sonjay gets a two count. Devon enters the ring and Sonjay hits Devon with a low drop kick sending him to the mat. Shark Boy hops into the ring, smacks Devon on the head with Sonjay’s tambourine and then hops back out of the ring. Shark Boy comes back in the ring and assists Sonjay in sending Ray to the mat with a suplex. Sonjay grabs Ray’s legs as Shark Boy goes out on the ring apron and they attempt the what’s up.  Shark Boy nails Ray with the what’s up. Sonjay then slaps Shark Boy in the chest and tells him to get the tables and encourages the audience to join in the chant. As they are working the crowd, Devon comes back in the ring and hits them with a double clothesline sending them both crashing to the mat. Devon picks up Shark Boy and sends him across the ring, into the ropes and as he comes off Devon and Ray send Shark Boy to the mat with a 3D. Ray gets the pin and the win. Devon comes out to the announcer’s table and grabs two steel chairs to deliver to Ray in the ring. Ray yells Scott Steiner this is for you as Ray puts the chair on Shark Boy’s throat.  Sonjay pulls Shark Boy out of the ring and Ray throws the chair at them.

The fan favorites were definitely Sonjay Dutt and Shark Boy. You knew going into the match who was going to win but the comedy was funny.  I personally prefer to see Ray and Devon with wrestlers in their weight range and the same goes for Sonjay and Shark Boy.

JB is backstage to tell the fans that TNA management is going to let the fans have their say in the Sting versus Kurt Angle match at Bound for Glory. Should there be an automatic rematch clause as a condition of that match.  You have to vote by text message and the results of the vote will be posted on

JB is then joined by Voodoo Kin Mafia, BG and Kip James.  Kip immediately tells JB to shut up and BG grabs the mic out of JB’s hand. BG says they aren’t answering any question, they are just there to make a statement.  VKM is tired of taking a back seat to all the wrestlers that come to TNA.  BG then tells the fans “screw you” and that VKM doesn’t need the fans anyway. He calls everyone a mark from JB to the fans to TNA management.

You boys always do well as heels. Unfortunately, some Moms and Dads may have been turning off the TV sets while you were being crude.

We go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JB is looking for Sting to get a response regarding the invitation from Mitchell and Judas.  JB says he has looked all over the building, including in the rafters and has yet to find Sting anywhere. JB says if he finds Sting, they will break into the action to let the fans know.

Back to the ring…

Tag Team Match

Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave

accompanied to the ring by Christy Hemme


Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin, the Motor City Machine Guns, from Detroit, MI

The bell rings and it is Rave and Shelley in the ring.  Shelley works the crowd before locking up with Rave.  They take a few minutes exchanging wristlocks before Shelley takes Rave down with an arm drag and then a high boot to the chest. Shelley sends Rave into the corner post, goes after him and then brings Rave back across the ring in a face down bulldog. Shelley picks Rave up and tags in Sabin. Together they send Rave into the ropes and then send him up and over onto the mat before dropping two elbows on Rave’s chest. Shelly and Alex then nail Rave in the head with double boots before Shelley exits the ring. Rave is back to his feet and Sabin gives him a boxing lesson before sending him to the mat with a hard chop to the chest. Sabin picks Rave up and sends him face first into Shelley’s boot.  Shelley is up on the top turnbuckle and comes down on Rave as Sabin holds onto him. The tag was made and it’s now Shelley and Rave in the ring. Shelley stops to showboat for the audience, then picks Rave up, Rave fights back but Shelley sends elbows to the side of Rave’s head before hitting Rave with a hard chop to the chest. Shelley goes off the ropes, but gets nailed in the back by Lance on the ring apron. Rave takes advantage by sending a knee to Shelley’s abdomen, which sends Shelley down to the mat. Rave goes across the ring and knocks Sabin off the ring apron before going back at Shelley with a boot to the face. Rave goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Rave tags in Lance, Lance picks up Shelley and sends him face first into Rave’s boots. Lance stomps on Shelley’s back, then his stomach. Lance works on Shelley’s neck with a headlock.  The audience is cheering for Shelley, Shelley sends himself into the ropes but meets with Lance’s elbow as he comes off and he is back down on the mat. Lance goes for the pin, gets a one count and Sabin is now in the ring behind Lance to make sure he breaks it up. Lance sends a boot to Shelley’s back then sends a fist to the head. Lance nails Shelley with another fist and goes across the ring to knock Sabin off the ring apron. Lance tags in Rave, they send Shelley across to the ring post then Lance sends Rave across but Shelley drops down and uses a toehold to send Rave into the turnbuckle. As Lance charges at Shelley, Shelley sidesteps and sends Lance into Rave. Shelley hits Lance in the back of the leg, sending him down to the mat and then goes after Rave, grabs him by the neck and drops him down onto Lance. Shelley rolls across the ring to tag in Sabin. Sabin springboards off the top rope and hits Lance low in the leg with a drop kick. Sabin comes off the ropes and takes Lance down again with a flying head scissors.  Sabin goes across the ring and hits Rave with a body block. Sabin goes up to the top rope again and comes off to take Rave down with a flying clothesline. Sabin goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Sabin picks Rave up and delivers a boot to the midsection then tries to take Rave up in the air but Rave fights back with forearms to the back of Sabin’s head. Sabin sends Rave into the turnbuckle and Shelley nails Rave in the back. Sabin picks Rave up and drops him to the mat and goes for the pin.  Again Sabin gets a two count. Shelley is on the top turnbuckle and he flies off to hit Rave with a frog splash.  Again Sabin goes for the pin. Lance enters the ring to deliver a boot to Sabin’s head and break up the count. Lance picks up Sabin and sends him off the ropes, then picks him up and delivers him face first to the mat. Rave and Sabin lock up in the ring with Rave maneuvering Sabin down to the mat in an wristlock. Shelley comes back in the ring to send a fist to Rave making him release his hold on Sabin. Shelley and Rave tangle over Sabin who is still down on the mat. Rave hits Shelley with a DDT sending him down on Sabin. Rave locks in a double submission hold, but Shelley manages to break free. Rave sends Shelley out to the floor while Lance enters the ring with Rave and Sabin. They send Sabin across to the ring post and Lance whips Rave into Sabin but Sabin gets out of the way. Rave goes up and over the top rope and onto the floor near Shelley who is still outside the ring. Shelley tries to get back in the ring but Hemme has him by the leg. Lance stops to tell Hemme to let go of Shelley and Sabin takes the opportunity to deliver a boot to Lance’s midsection. Shelley who is now free, delivers a boot to Lance’s head and then Shelley and Sabin send a double kick to Lance’s skull. Sabin goes for the cover, gets the three count and the win.

As Sabin and Shelley celebrate with the crowd, Brother Ray and Brother Devon make their way into the ring to attack the pair. Tenay reminds us that Team 3D is attempting to take out all of the tag teams so that they can have a shot at the tag team titles. Devon goes outside for the tables and…

We go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a Bound for Glory promo before going back to the ring to see Team 3D still working over Sabin and Shelley. Shark Boy comes to the ring to try to help but is caught by Ray.  Sabin is on the table. Ray and Devon pick up Shelley to drop him on top of Sabin and they send them both through the table. Shark Boy is again accosted by Team 3D with steel chairs in hand. This time, they deliver the steel chair smash to Shark Boy.

The match between Sabin and Shelley and Lance and Rave was great.  Again Sabin and Shelley got to strut their stuff.  I don’t know of any tag team out there that is as in tune as they are especially with the highflying maneuvers they perform in and out of the ring. Their timing is perfect. I’ve always like Lance but Rave appears to have a lot of fast action talent.  Has Christy finally made Lance mad with her interference that cost him and Rave the match? 

Poor Shark Boy. He always gets worked over by some big guy during iMPACT.

We go back to JB who is still looking for Sting in order to find out if Sting is going to answer the challenge Mitchell put out.

Tenay reminds us that next week, same day, same time, we will have a two-hour iMPACT.  West then reminds us to pick up a copy of Playboy’s Girls Next Door because Leticia Cline is on the cover.  No thanks, guys, I’ll pass. Tenay then reminds us that Sunday, October 14, in Atlanta, GA, is Bound for Glory.

A Five Way Knockout Ladies Match

The winner being the final entrant in the Bound for Glory Gauntlet match.

Miss Brooks

accompanied to the ring by Robert Roode


The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore

accompanied to the ring by Cowboy James Storm


Roxxy Leveaux

Accompanied to the ring by VKM, BG & Kip James


Christy Hemme

accompanied by Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave

and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break,

Gail Kim

accompanied to the ring by Chris Harris

All of the women are accompanied by the men who will be involved in the Fight for the Right match at Bound for Glory.

Before the bell rings, Jackie and Miss Brooks attack Gail. Roxxy is eyeing Christy and Christy looks like she doesn’t want to be in the ring. Jackie and Miss Brooks send Gail into the ropes, Gail comes off the ropes, ducks under the clothesline waiting for her, comes off the opposite ropes and takes both women down with a double drop kick. Gail has Miss Brooks in a headlock and she goes up into the air, hooks her legs around Jackie and takes both women down to the mat. In the background, Roxxy is stalking Christy who still looks like she would rather be elsewhere. Miss Brooks is down on the ring apron and Roode is in her face. As Christy tries to get away from Roxxy, Gail takes Christy down with a spear. Roxxy sends a clothesline Gail’s direction, but Gail ducks the clothesline and takes Roxxy down with a hurricanrana. Gail comes back at Roxxy and takes her down to the mat again. Gail delivers a chop to Roxxy and then another and another before coming off the ropes. Roxxy is ready for her and delivers a spine buster, sending Gail down to the mat. Roxxy goes for the pin but Christy breaks it up and delivers a inverted DDT to Roxxy.  Christy comes off the top turnbuckle to hit Roxxy with a leg but Roxxy rolls out of the way and Christy meets the mat instead. Miss Brooks comes across the ring and delivers a boot to Christy’s head. As Miss Brooks goes for Christy, Jackie grabs Miss Brooks and sends her to the mat with a German release suplex.  Gail is now on the top turnbuckle and she comes off to deliver a drop kick to Jackie. Gail goes for the pin and gets a two count before Jackie powers out. Christy is back up on the turnbuckle as Gail picks up Jackie. Gail goes up in the air delivering a kick to Christy’s head before taking Jackie back down to the mat. It looked like Gail had a roll up but the ref didn’t count.  Jackie picks Gail up and slams her face first into the mat. Jackie then goes after Christy who is still sitting on the top turnbuckle, delivering a fist to the head. Jackie climbs up to the top but Gail hits Jackie in the back slowing her down. Gail is up on the ropes but Roxxy and Miss Brooks join in and send all the women down to the mat. Miss Brooks is to her feet to greet Roxxy as she stands up with a chop and Roxxy reciprocates with a chop of her own. The two have an exchange of chops in the center of the ring before Miss Brooks delivers a knee to Roxxy then comes off the ropes but Roxxy catches her and has her up on her shoulder. Roxxy takes Miss Brooks over to the ropes in front of Roode and then sends her over the top and to the floor below.

As Roode stands over Miss Brooks screaming for her to get back in the ring, Chris Harris comes over to give Roode a shove. Roode shoves back, sending Chris into the guardrail. Unfortunately, it also sends him into James Storm who has now lost his beer. Chris and Storm are now throwing fists outside the ring and Lance and Rave try to break up the fight but instead, Chris and Storm go after Rave and Lance and it’s now Chris versus Lance and Storm versus Rave in a fistfight near the ramp.

Inside the ring, Jackie is delivering a series of fists to Roxxy before sending her across the ring.  Roxxy gets the switch and Jackie goes into the ropes.  As she comes off the ropes, Roxxy is waiting with a clothesline but Jackie hits the deck and goes under the clothesline and behind Roxxy. As Jackie stands up, she tries to deliver a boot to Roxxy, Roxxy catches her foot and Jackie goes high for a kick to Roxxy’s head. Gail goes after Jackie delivering chops to the chest before trying to send Jackie into the ring post.  Jackie gets the switch, Gail goes into the post, Jackie charges, but Gail gets up in the air and Jackie meets the ring post with her shoulder. Roxxy heads toward the pair but Gail comes off the top turnbuckle and takes Roxxy down with a hurricanerana. Kip James enters the ring and Gail slaps him in the face. Roxxy pushes Gail from behind and we notice that BG James is on the opposite side of the ring keeping the ref busy. Roxxy delivers a boot to Gail’s midsection, takes Gail up in the air and delivers a voodoo slam.  Roxxy goes for the cover, gets the pin and the win. Chris Harris comes in after the fact to rescue Gail but it’s a little too late.

I love these matches but it certainly is hard to keep track of all of the players with action inside and outside the ring. Miss Brooks did a great job tonight and she took a hard hit to her spine going out of the ring. Jackie and Gail are my favorites.  I don’t think Christy has the same level of skill in the ring that these two do.  Since it was such scattered action, it was hard to tell how great Roxxy is going to be in the ring but she appeared to do a good job. I am a little disappointed that Gail or Jackie didn't win.  I would have picked one of them to come out as the final entrant to the  Bound for Glory gauntlet match.

We go to commercial break as Tenay tells us that Mitchell and Judas are outside.

Back from commercial break, we see a Kurt Angle promo and the match he will have with Sting at Bound for Glory.

We see another promo about TNA and the two-hour show starting October 4 on Spike TV, then a promo about Christian and Joe’s feud. Fatu, Matt Morgan, Jim Cornette, along with Tomko and AJ.

Tenay reminds us that no one has ever made such an impact in a debut as has Judas Mesias and we see the promo for Judas and Mitchell.

JB is outside with Mitchell and Judas and JB says he understands they set out to look for Sting from the beginning of the program but Sting is nowhere to be found.  The cameraman then either gets hit or is trying to get out of the way as Sting attacks Judas from the side. Sting hits Judas with a trashcan, throws him into a wall then sends him through a door. But Judas comes up fighting and goes after Sting. Judas has Sting down and the show is over.


As everyone should have heard by now, Judas Mesias was injured in a match in Mexico on September 16.  It is our understanding that he will be out of action for at least three weeks if not more. If that is true, he will miss the first two-hour iMPACT shows.  We do not know if he will be able to make to Bound for Glory.  If you have not seen the video of Judas’ injury, it can be found on YouTube.

We all wish him the best and hope for his speedy recovery.  I was looking forward to seeing James Mitchell lurking around again but was anticipating seeing more of Judas Mesias in the ring.



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