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WWE News Bytes

September 28, 2007

by Sassy

Operation Raw Deal

As of this writing, client names had not been released by the DEA in the largest steroid bust in history.  Stay tuned…as soon as we know, you’ll know.

What We Did See On Monday Night Raw

Randy Orton’s taped promo for his feud with John Cena. Just when we thought WWE had gotten smart and decided to suspend Orton for drug use, we find out  Orton got married last weekend.  This was the reason given for Orton being absent from recent house shows and Raw this past Monday. He was given time off for the wedding and the honeymoon.  Other news sites are reporting that Orton was NOT suspended even though he was on the Signature Client list. Does WWE ever read up on how fans feel about certain things?

What We Didn’t See On Monday Night Raw

Were matches with Mickie James, Super Crazy and  Val Venis competing with local talent and Hacksaw Jim Duggan beating Daivari.  Source: I would have preferred all of the above to Orton’s taped Cena bashing.

Randy Orton’s Attempted Suicide

It appears that Orton did have a medical emergency in 2006 and that it was confirmed with the hospital.  WWE did an internal investigation and decided that it was not a suicide attempt, however Orton could have suffered from an accidental OD.

Undertaker Returns to Smackdown

The Undertaker, after a four-month absence, is scheduled to appear on Smackdown tonight. Source:


No one seems to know the exact meaning of the cryptic message sent out during the Monday Night Raw telecast.  Some sites are suggesting it refers to the return of Chris “Y2J” Jericho, others are suggesting it has to do with the debut of the New Hart Foundation.

Howard Stern on WWE’s Rehab Policy for Ex WWE Wrestlers

There was a discussion on a recent Howard Stern show regarding the letter sent from WWE to ex WWE wrestlers regarding getting a free round of rehab.  It was said it was nice of WWE to offer to pay for rehab for ex wrestlers, but the general feeling was that WWE is making this gesture in order to keep those same wrestlers from testifying against them in congressional hearings. Source:

Hardcore Holly Returns To Raw

It’s good to see Holly back in action but I don’t understand why they moved him from ECW.  EXTREME Championship Wrestling = HARDCORE Holly. 

Austin Was Through With Wrestling?

ProWrestlingFans is reporting Austin will be on Raw soon to confront Santino Marella for all of his put downs of Austin’s “Condemned” Movie. Don’t expect much in the way of wrestling for Austin.  He will only be there to push the movie.

Announcers Moving

Justin Roberts’ page on was moved from ECW to Smackdown and this week Tony Chimel did the ring announcing for ECW.

Return of Suspended Wrestlers

John Morrison is to return to ECW next week. It was originally planned to build ECW around Morrison but since he was suspended, CM Punk gained the title.  Word is that Morrison will have the title again after his return. Source: That seems to be the way WWE is taking care of returns.  Hand them back what they had when they screwed up and ignore the talent that wasn’t taking drugs.

Edge should be returning to WWE soon.  There is no scheduled date for his return but it could be as soon as No Mercy and if not then, no later than November at Survivor Series.

Rey Mysterio’s Popularity

It is being reported that since Mysterio’s return, Smackdown is now the highest rated prime time show amongst Hispanics and that it is the highest rated prime time show for children under the age of 11. Source: I applaud Rey for bringing in the Hispanic audience, but am not thrilled with children under the age of 11 watching anything on WWE these days.

Sheamus O’Shaunessy Now Resides in Tampa, FL

Sheamus recently signed a three-year contract with WWE and has moved to Tampa.  He will be training in with Florida Championship Wrestling. He has a list of things to do since he has moved to the US.  He needs a social security number, a car and sun block! Source:

Second Diva Eliminated

Not that it has anything to do with wrestling, but it does seem to have something to do with WWE: Lyndy Frieson was the second contestant eliminated in the latest diva search.

Mike Bucci’s Replacement

Most of you remember that Mike Bucci better known as Simon Dean, was released from WWE after the Signature Pharmacy scandal. Bucci had not been working in the ring, but had been working as head of WWE Talent Relations. His replacement appears to be Ty Bailey. Source:

Wrestlers are Getting Smaller?

Not according to several websites who remark how bulked up Vince McMahon appeared during his Monday Night Raw match.  Sites are also remarking how Triple H managed to come back after his injury with less bulk, however, he appears to be getting a little more beefed up every week.  With the “stay off drugs” and “muscle mass doesn’t matter” mentality due to much illegal drug use, are the two top players in WWE – corporate and wrestler – sending the wrong message to future generations?

WWE Signs Two New Wrestlers

WWE held a six-man tryout last Friday and signed two wrestlers from Derby City Wrestling, an Ohio Valley Wrestling feeder organization.  Signed were Andrew Vain who is 6’1”, 265 lbs., and Lupe Viscera, who is 6’4”, 230 lbs. Source:

Lillian Garcia Press Release

You can read the full press release for Lillian’s new album:

Chris Nowinksi Removed From WWE Website

Last week Chris Nowinski’s name was removed from WWE’s official website indicating Nowinkski’s time with WWE is over.  No word on what triggered the release.  We can hazard a guess that Nowinski’s continuing fight against the bodily damage wrestlers suffer might have something to do with his termination. Nowinski has stated that he believes Chris Benoit’s brain damage at much to do with the Benoit tragedy earlier this year.  This is in direct contradiction to what Vince McMahon is telling the world every time he is asked about it.

Raw’s Ratings

Monday’s Raw brought in a 3.4 cable rating, which is slightly up from last week’s 3.3 rating. Source:

ECW’s Ratings

ECW did a 1.1, which is down from last week’s 1.4 rating. Source:

Stephanie McMahon Makes Changes

Daddy’s Little Girl recently sent out a memo to Michael Cole, head of, and the rest of the website crew that from now on the WWE Creative Team would now be copy editors and sometimes staff writers for the site. It appears there was some confusion with creative being left out of website work. Source: 

Just as I was about to ask…

What Shane does for a living, Shane announces a new WWE global organization, which includes London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Toronto and Sydney. You can read more about it here:

Who’s Your Daddy?

Kevin Thorn of ECW and his wife are proud to announce the birth of a new baby boy. Source: Matt Hardy’s MySpace page.

Sara Missing? reports that the Sara tattoo is missing from Undertaker’s neck.

Undertaker is on the cover of the current WWE magazine.

John Cena UK Kid’s Choice

John Cena has been nominated by the Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards as Best Sports Personality. Nickelodeon is the No. 1 Kid’s Network in the United Kingdom. Voting will go through the end of September.  Cena is up against soccer’s David Beckham, F1 racer Lewis Hamilton and Olympic Gold holder Dame Kelly Holmes.

48 Hours Interviews Wrestlers

CBS’s 48 Hours has been interviewing former WWE wrestlers recently for a future story they are planning regarding young deaths in wrestling. Source:

Where Are They Now

Chris Jericho has his book-signing schedule posted at his website: ProWrestlingFans reports that all of his Mondays are free during the book signing tour. The rumor mill has it that Y2J will indeed be returning to WWE sometime in the near future. Jericho does NOT have a MySpace page.  There is someone on MySpace trying to pass himself off as Jericho. 

News out of Hollywood, FL:  New Porn Order has signed Gangrel to an exclusive directing deal.  His first work will be “Miami Rump Shakerz 2” set to be released in November. Gangrel, who is very excited about his new career has bee officially going by the name The Vampire Warrior in wrestling. Source:

Nick “U-Gene” Dinsmore made an appearance on Monday Night Mayhem to discuss WWE and what he is doing now. You can find out more about the interview by going to Source:

An interview with former WWE wrestler Damien Demento can be seen here:

Rob Conway was on Wrestling Weekly September 25. Visit the site:

Nora Greenwald aka Molly Holly is scheduled to make a special appearance at the Stagecoach Celebration in Wyoming, Minnesota last weekend.

WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana is working on a new book titled “Tales from the WWF”, scheduled for release in April 2008. Source:

Sean Waltman was injured in a match and is suffering from a sciatic nerve injury according to the Lucha Libra report of 9/24. He was injured in a match in Mexico, joining El Mesias and Gran Apache on the injured list.

Rob Conway is auctioning off a pair of tights worn at Wrestlemania 21 and against The Rockers on Raw. Source:

WWE will be publishing a book about Andre the Giant entitled “A Legendary Life”. It is scheduled to be released in May of 2008. Source:

Dr. Death Steve Williams was interviewed on Live Audio Wrestling.  You can hear the interview here: He discusses learning about wrestling, training wrestlers, and his book.

It is rumored that Hulk Hogan is being considered as host of an American Gladiators revival. Source:

No Money, No Attorney

Manny Arora filed a motion in US District Court declaring Phil Astin as indigent and when you have no money, you have no Manny. Arora wants out because Astin can’t pay him those fabulous legal fees.  Source:

Not that I’m buying the Astin is indigent story, by the way.

UFC Fighter Fails Drug Test

Kazuhiro Nakamura tested positive for marijuana, was fined $500.00 and suspended for three months. Everyone was tested at last Saturday’s UFC event and Nakamura was the only roster member who did not pass.





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